April 3, 4, 1957 at Hudsonville

The chairman of the January session, Rev. R. Veldman, led in the opening devotions. After Classis was declared constituted, he was succeeded by the Rev. G. Vos who was ably presided. It was good to see the Rev. Vos back with us after having missed two Classical meetings because of physical disability. It was also gratifying to observe that all the Churches residing in Classis East were represented by two delegates throughout all the sessions. In spite of the disheartening material which has kept Classis busy for an entire year and which has a tendency to wear down one’s spirit, a wonderful spirit prevailed throughout all the discussions. In some respects it was like old times considering that our esteemed professors Hoeksema and Ophoff could attend most of the meetings and serve us with sage advice. Also Rev. Lubbers was able to attend some of the meetings.

As to the material treated at this Classis, which this time met only a day and a half, we can be very brief.

The appointment of committees to discharge the routine business of finance and Classical appointments, and the reports of the clerk and the Classical committee were handled with dispatch.

Appointments to Kalamazoo were adopted as follows: May 12—R. Veldman, May 19—H. Hanko, May 26—B. Woudenberg, June 2—C. Hanko, June 9—G. Lanting, June 23—J. McCollam, June 30—M. Schipper, July 9—G. Vos. The dates of June 16 and July 14 were left blank.

Kalamazoo was also granted the right to come to Synod with their request for subsidy according to which they desire help only in case they receive a minister of their own. From this same church came a grievance because of a missive directed to them by the last Classis through the Stated Clerk.

Classis also received a request from Fourth Church to designate a date to observe Ascension Day, since this year it falls on Memorial Day. Classis decided to advise all our churches to hold Ascension services on the Saturday morning of June 9.

Voting for functionaries took place as follows: Rev. R. Veldman informed Classis that he will not be able to serve as secundus delegate to Synod, and Classis chose Rev. G.M. Ophoff in his place. The following elder delegates were chosen:

Primi: R. Newhouse, G. Pipe, P. Lubbers, K. Lanting. Secundi: A. Talsma, P. Decker, T. Engelsma, J. Kortering.

Mr. A. Haan was re-elected to be Classical treasurer for a term of three years. Church visitors chosen were G. Vos and C. Hanko, with R. Veldman was alternate for both.

The consistory of Holland requested Classis the right to ask for collections in our churches of the East to help them meet their assessments due to loss of membership. Holland also notifies Classis of their appeal to Synod relative to decisions made at previous Classis in the Holland Case. It is decided to send to Synod all our decisions relative to the pertinent cases.

The rest of the time Classis considered several protests from those who are still listed as members of Holland but who no longer attend there. Classis rendered its advice on these protests. Another brother from Holland who, due to illness, was unable to protest the action of the January Classis in his case, asks for permission to appear at the July Classis. This was granted.

Rev. H. Hanko was appointed to thank the ladies of our Hudsonville Church for their excellent catering services.

Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked of each consistory and answer satisfactorily.

Classis decided to meet next time, D.V., on July 10 at Hope Church.

After a few appropriate closing remarks, the Rev. G. Vos offered the closing prayer of thanksgiving.

M. Schipper, Stated Clerk