Held in the Edifice of the Fourth Church on October 6-7, 1954

Classis East met October 6 and 7 in the church basement of the Fourth Protestant Reformed Church. This Classis was, no doubt, not as historic as the Classis held in the same location just a year earlier; nor was this Classis as long in duration, although Classis met two days. Yet, it was an important Classis where significant decisions were taken affecting the well-being of our churches.

Eleven churches were represented at Classis, each church sending two delegates. The Rev. M. Schipper, who presided according to alphabetical rotation, acquitted himself well of his task. The undersigned functioned as clerk of Classis.

The entire afternoon session on Wednesday afternoon, October 6, was taken up with the examination of Candidate-elect James McCollam. The brother preached a sermon in the auditorium of Fourth Church on the text assigned to him, Revelation 3:20. After hearing this sermon preached, Classis repaired to the church basement where brother McCollam was examined in the assigned subjects and by the appointed ministers. It was truly a joyful occasion for brother McCollam, but it was nonetheless such also for Classis. The brother gave excellent account of himself. Classis advised Holland to proceed with his ordination as minister of the gospel.

The Delegates Ad Examina, the Revs. H. Veldman and H.C. Hoeksema were also present during this examination and during most of the business before Classis. They were extended advisory vote by Classis.

Another item of importance was the request of seven families in Kalamazoo, who desired to be reconstituted as the First Protestant Reformed Church of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Classis advised the First Church in Grand Rapids to “proceed to reconstitute the First Protestant Reformed Church of Kalamazoo in harmony with the document submitted.”

A Consistory was advised to proceed with the second step of censure. The Stated Clerk, G. Lubbers, was instructed to send Rev. M. Gritters, Stated Clerk of the former Classis West the document composed by the Synod of 1954.

Holland’s Consistory was given advice as to the manner of computing the number of families in a congregation. Two new members were voted into the Classical Committee. Retiring members were: G. Vos and M. Schipper and the newly chosen members are: G. Vos and M. Schipper. The undersigned was re-elected as Stated Clerk of Classis for a period of three years.

Grand Haven’s instruction to Classis to appoint a Committee to study the matter of having one Classis was adopted. The Committee appointed is: J. Heys, R. Veldman and H. Meulenberg.

South Holland and Kalamazoo request Classical appointments. Classis West, requested that Classis East supply half of the Classical appointments of the Hull and Lynden churches. The adopted schedule reads as follows:

Kalamazoo: Oct. 17—R. Veldman; Oct. 31—James McCollam; Nov. 7—H. Hoeksema; Nov. 14—G. Lanting; Nov. 21—J. Heys; Nov.28—M. Schipper; Dec. 5—G. Vos; Dec. 12—G. VandenBerg; Dec. 26—H. Hoeksema.

South Holland: Oct. 10—G. Lanting; October 24—J. Heys; Oct. 31—G. Vos; Nov. 7—M. Schipper; Nov. 14—G. VandenBerg; Nov. 21—E. Emanuel;—Dec. 5—R. Veldman; Dec. 12—C. Hanko; Dec. 19—James McCollam; Jan. 2—G. VandenBerg.

Hull: Nov. 14, 21—C. Hanko; Jan. 16, 23—E. Emanuel.

Lynden: Jan. 16, 23, 30—G. Lubbers.

Classis appointed the Revs. G. Vos and C. Hanko as a Committee to collaborate with the Committee of Classis West, the Revs. H. Veldman and H.C. Hoeksema, on a Constitution for the Classical Committee.

Classical adjourned Thursday afternoon. The Rev. M. Schipper spoke a few words of appreciation and the Rev. C. Hanko led Classis in closing prayer.

G. Lubbers, Stated Clerk of Classis East