May 8, 2002

Southeast PR Church

Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, May 8, 2002, at the Southeast PRC. All the churches were represented by two delegates. Present also were the church history students from Covenant Christian High School.

Classis’ business was more than routine. Classis spent a great deal of time in closed session considering an appeal of a discipline matter. Classis, furthermore, approved the request for emeritation from Rev. Dale Kuiper. This emeritation will be effective January 1, 2003. Classis adopted the following resolution regarding Rev. Kuiper: “That classis express its sincere appreciation to Rev. Dale Kuiper for his faithful labors in our churches. We pray that God will continue to bless him and use him in our midst.” Rev. Kuiper reminded the classis that he will still be around for the September 2002 meeting of classis but appreciated the resolution nonetheless.

In other business, classical appointments were granted to Byron Center, Grandville, Trinity, and Covenant; classical expenses were approved in the amount of $1,277.15.

Classis will meet next at the Trinity PRC on Wednesday, September 11, 2002.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon J. Huisken,

Stated Clerk