In session July 11-12, 1956 at Hudsonville, Michigan

Rev. G. Lanting, chairman of the previous Classis, led in devotions and declared Classis constituted. According to rotation, Rev. J.A. McCollam then presided, while Rev. Lanting recorded minutes.

The minutes of the April session were read and approved, and the chairman read the agenda before Classis.

The Revs. G. Lubbers, G.M. Ophoff and H.C. Hoeksema begin present at Classis were welcomed and given advisory vote.

A Finance Committee to advise on the expenses of this Classis was appointed as follows: Rev. H. Hanko and elders J. Lanning and A. Peterson. Their report was later received and adopted.

Creston and Kalamazoo requested Classical appointments. Rev. R. Veldman, P. Lubbers and G. Vink were appointed to arrange the schedule which was later adopted as follows:

Creston: July 15, G. Vos; July 22, C. Hanko; July 29, H. Hanko; August 5, R. Veldman; August 12, G. Lanting; Sept. 2, H. Hanko; Sept. 9, M. Schipper; Sept. 16, J.A. McCollam; Sept. 23, G. Vos; Sept. 20, C. Hanko; Oct. 7, R. Vos.

Kalamazoo: July 15, G. Lanting; July 29, J.A. McCollam; August 19, M. Schipper; August 26, G. Vos; Sept. 2, J.A. McCollam; Sept. 9, R. Veldman; Sept. 16, C. Hanko; Sept. 23, G. Lanting; Sept. 30, M. Schipper; Oct. 7, H. Hanko.

The reports of the Stated Clerk and the Classical Committee were read and received for information.

A letter from 4th Church re the action of Synod 1956 re subsidy request of this church is received. A committee is appointed to study this matter and report to next Classis. Committee: Rev. G. Lanting, P.J. Lubbers, A. Talsma.

Rev. G. Vos registers a protest against the actions of the April Classis re the Holland Case. This is placed in the hands of a committee to report at next Classis. Committee: Revs. R. Veldman, M. Schipper, and elders J. Lanning and R. DeYoung.

Holland’s consistory notifies Classis that they are appealing Classis’ decision of April re the Holland Case to the next Synod,

Two letters from a brother and later another were read and received. Classis decided to comply with the brother’s request for information, but declared all the rest out of order.

Since several protests appear in which the chairman was involved, Rev. M. Schipper is asked to preside.

Classis treats the several protests coming from members of the Holland church and gives its advice.

The Stated Clerk was instructed to thank the ladies of Hudsonville for their excellent catering services.

Classis decides to meet next time on October 3 at Hope Church, while granting the Classical Committee the right to change this date if necessary.

Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily.

The chairman, Rev. McCollam, thanks Classis for the cooperation and assistance given him while he presided.

Rev. H. Hanko closed our closing session with thanksgiving.

M. Schipper, Stated Clerk