1.  Thanks for the reference from Calvin’s Institutes. I have no objections to the quotation in as far as it was given, though I know not which translation was used. But it is interesting to note what was left out of the quotation. I refer to the following: “Esset autem optima catechizandi ratio, si formula in hunc usum conscripta esset, summam continens et familiariter explicans omnium fere religionis nostrae capitum, in quae universa fidelium ecclesia consentire sine controversia debet.” Offhand, I might translate this quotation as follows: “But the best form of catechizing would be if a formula were written for this purpose, containing and explaining in a familiar way a summary of almost all the chief heads of our religion, in which the whole church of believers ought to consent without controversy.”

I do not know why the Rev. Cammenga omitted this from his quotation. It is rather important because it shows that Calvin must have nothing of individualism in catechetical instruction. He even wants a brief summary of doctrine, a catechism book for the whole church, to which all must agree.

2.  As to my letter, I would rather have the Rev. Cammenga prove that he still has it, by quoting it himself. It is very easy to do so without referring to anything familiar. The letter is divided into three parts and numbered 1, 2, and 8. Now, all the Rev. Cammenga has to do is to produce the section under “2”, which is subdivided again into a, b. c. and d. There is, therefore, no reason at all why he should not quote it.

3.  As to the question of my leadership in the churches, to which the Rev. Cammenga refers, it seems to me that he could at least wait till I am dead, before he refuses to lean a little on me, and to take my advice and counsel. In fact, I am rather surprised at his attitude, because the Rev. Cammenga himself in the past,—and even in the recent past, and even after I was sick,—asked for my advice. But perhaps, about this leadership in our churches I will write a separate editorial in the near future.

4.  The question which the Rev. Cammenga asks in his last reply to me I already answered in my former article in the Standard Bearer.       

H. H.