Now in our 76th year, by God’s grace the Reformed Witness Hour (RWH) broadcast, continues to have the privilege of sending out the biblical, Reformed message that “God is God” through radio, Internet, CDs, and printed booklets. We thank the Lord for our three radio pastors, Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma, Rev. Carl Haak, and Rev. Rodney Kleyn, and for the faithful gospel of Jesus Christ He has given them to proclaim each week on our program.

The RWH is now on Facebook! Each Sunday a link to the latest message is posted, and links to archived message transcripts or audio files are posted during the week. We pray that young people and individuals who do not live where the RWH is broadcast will benefit from our page, and we encourage you to “like” it and share it with others!

You may not realize that your congregation, through your evangelism committee and pastor, can develop a good relationship with the radio station broadcasting the RWH in your area. Evangelism committees can add tags at the end of the program, letting listeners know where and when their church meets. Radio stations usually have a quota of locally sponsored broadcasts that they are required to meet, so any local personal contact is welcomed by station managers. Please support your evangelism committee and pastor being involved in this way.

A special thank you to the churches who have joined First Church (Grand Rapids, MI) in sponsoring our broadcast locally for one month or more. A short announcement promoting the sponsoring church is aired at the end of the program for that month. We encourage your church to take advantage of this sponsorship again, or for the first time. Contact our RWHC chair for more information.

At present we continually gauge the interest level of our audience and the location of our listeners by monitoring downloads of the broadcast on and In 2015 we averaged just under 11,000 different people visiting per month. In 2016 that number increased to roughly 13,000 unique visitors per month! Our messages have averaged over 25,000 downloads per month worldwide, from China to South Africa, from Sweden to the Seychelles. Look in your church’s newsletter or narthex or on our RWH website for our Internet statistics page.

As part of a joint effort with the Domestic Mission Committee of the PRC, the RWH broadcasts on a 10,000 watt Christian AM station reaching the entire tristate area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. There is a listening audience potential of several million persons—our broadest radio witness anywhere! Pray for this new witness, that the clear sound of the gospel may go out, and that there would be an attentive audience.

Are you aware of the RWH Endowment Fund? Gifts from churches and individuals are vital in meeting the annual budget, but the Endowment Fund is a way to provide long-term benefits to support the RWH and possibly expand its work. If you are interested in contributing to the Endowment Fund through a donation, your will, or estate planning, we invite you to contact a RWH Committee member for an informational brochure.

Thank you for your giving to the RWH personally, through your church, or by PayPal on our website. Please pray that God will use this broadcast to send His truth far and wide by radio, Internet, and booklet. And please continue to give to this ministry liberally as God has blessed you.

In Christ’s service,

The RWH Committee:

Rev. C. Haak, Rev. W. Bruinsma, Rev. R. Kleyn, associate radio pastors

Chuck Terpstra, president, Faith PRC

Marilyn Adams, secretary, First PRC, G.R.

Hank VanderWaal, treasurer, Hope PRC, Walker

Audrey Starrett, corresponding secretary, First, Holland

Dave Jessup, program engineer, Hope PRC, Walker

Jordan Whiteley, website, First PRC, G.R.

Miriam Koerner, promotions, Southeast PRC