That’s right! You heard correctly! The Mission Board of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America is sponsoring a rally in the Civic Auditorium of Grand Rapids, Michigan on Wednesday, October 27, 1965, at 8 P.M., the Lord willing! 

Approximately 5000 people will be coming from all over Western Michigan and Illinois to witness a program such as has never before been prepared and offered to the Reformed community by our Protestant Reformed Churches. Christians of all faiths whose historical roots rise out of the principles of the Reformation are invited to share with us in our rich Reformed heritage. 

Bill boards, newspapers, radio stations, bulletins, hand-bills, and other advertising media will be used to extend this invitation. The sponsors of this program are of the firm conviction that we have a message which will stir the hearts of many who are looking for a way out of the spiritual lethargy and apostasy, doctrinal indifference and confusion that fills the religious atmosphere of our day. 

Professor H.C. Hoeksema, instructor in our Protestant Reformed Seminary and Editor-in-Chief of theStandard Bearer, who is well qualified to bring this message, has been chosen to be the speaker. Mr. Roland Petersen, who for many years has ably directed the Reformed Witness Hour Radio Choir, will assemble and train a mixed choir of from 70 to 100 voices which will render several choral selections in harmony with the theme of our program. 

Every man, woman, and child of our Protestant Reformed Churches in this area will want to be present to witness this historical event. They will also make it their business to extend to their relatives, friends, and neighbors a gracious invitation to attend with them. 

We sincerely believe that as God raised up Martin Luther, John Calvin, and other Reformers to guide His people in the way of His truth in those never to be forgotten days of the Reformation, so He has given unto us today the calling to show the way out of the perplexing situation of our time. Today many sincere children of God are crying: Who will show us any good? They sense the departures in doctrine and life, and are looking for such leadership that will return them to the old paths, to the long forgotten and neglected principles established and pronounced by our Reformed forebears. We dare not, nor shall we neglect to realize our calling; and therefore we will use this splendid opportunity to share with them our blessed heritage. We will do this very humbly, because we acknowledge that we have nothing that we did not receive, and that, of pure and sovereign grace! 

Though considerable publicity will be given to this program, we feel that the very best medium of communication is a well-informed and enthusiastic people. Therefore we are asking all our Protestant Reformed people in this area not only to make plans to attend, but also to extend an invitation to as many outside of our churches who can be reached to attend with them. Here is a wonderful opportunity for our young people also to get busy contacting their friends of other denominations and inviting them to share in the blessings they possess. 

The sponsors of this program prayerfully expect that under the blessing of our covenant God it will be a huge success. But, whether the audience will be little or great, we know that in our message His Name and His Truth will be highly exalted!