Many of the enemies to God’s truths, when they are silenced by the force of evidence, do, like a snail provoked, draw in their horns and spit. 

Faith is the eye of the soul, and the Holy Spirit’s influence is the light by which it sees. 

The Arminians think that in conversion, God does little or nothing for men, but gives them a pull by the elbow, to awake them from their sleep. Rather, He acts, as maritime officers do by their sailors; He cuts down the hammock of carnal security in which the elect are: down they fall, and the bruises and sur­prise they receive, awaken them from their death in sin, and bring them to themselves, whether they will or no. 

According to Arminianism, grace has the name, but free-will has the game.

Arminians consider the grace that is inspired into a true believer’s heart, as a text of Scripture written upon a pane of glass, liable to be demolished by the first hand that flings a stone at it. 

A truly enlightened believer (i.e., one who has a clear view of gospel privileges, and makes conscience of gospel duties,) stands between two fires: the Phar­isees call him an Antinomian, and the real Antinomians call him a Pharisee.

As the bullion of which money is made, is the king’s property, even before it is struck into coin, and before it visibly bears the royal image and superscrip­tion; so the unregenerate elect are God’s own heritage, though they do not appear to be such, until the Holy Spirit has made them pass through the mint of ef­fectual calling, and actually stamped them into cur­rent coin for the kingdom of heaven.