Questioner: Rev. H.C. Hoeksema 

Answers by: Rev. H. Hoeksema 


Question: It is a well known fact that many of our people who stood with you in 1924 are not at all with you today. Do you have an explanation for this, and would you say that all those people never were Protestant Reformed? 

Answer: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know how true that is. I’m not interested in it. I assure you, I don’t ask you to stand with me. I’m not interested in finding out how many are with me. If I stand all alone, I’ll still maintain what I told you tonight. And* you can be the judge. I know that there are many that stood with me in 1924 that ought not to have stood with me. I know that very well. I know very well that there are many in my own congregation that could much better go to the Chr. Ref. Church today, and could have gone to the Chr. Ref. Church years ago, than stayed with the Prot. Ref. Churches. I know that. There were some in 1924 that stood (note here: a small part is missing due to the fact that the recorder had to be changed). How can a Protestant Reformed man be opposed to Protestant Reformed schools? How is that possible? I don’t know. I can’t see it. But they do. And they insist. And they don’t want to hear it from the pulpit. I say, brethren, if we are not Protestant Reformed, don’t stand with me. I don’t ask you ‘to stand with me. I never did. I didn’t ask that in 1924. And I didn’t ask that of any of you that I ever organized as churches. Here in Sioux County. Never did. Don’t do it tonight. By all means, don’t do it tonight. I’m not asking for it. 

Question: In your first letter to the members of First Church, you speak about two wrong statements by De Wolf. In later letters much more is added. Isn’t that an indication in itself that you people realize the extreme weakness of your case? 

Answer: O, no. The two statements are the only statements that were elicited from the sermons by the Consistory and by the Classis. That does not mean that the rest of the sermons were all right. Of course not. I cannot even imagine, I can’t even imagine for myself that I could ever preach a Protestant Reformed sermon and say in my sermon, “God promises to everyone of you salvation, if you believe.” I can’t even imagine that I could say anything like that. I never did. I couldn’t get it over my tongue. But that doesn’t mean that that was only a statement, that the rest was all right. O, no. The rest is true too. But the Consistory elicited those two statements. And so did the Classis condemn them. That’s all. 

Question: Is it true that you walked out of the consistory meeting held on the evening of June 22? If so, may we know why? And is it also true that you urged your elders to walk out with you and have a separate meeting? 

Answer: No, the latter is not true. The first is true. I walked out. We couldn’t do anything anymore. I walked out of the Consistory meeting, and I told them, “I cannot meet with this consistory anymore. You oppose us and block our actions all the way through. I cannot work with such a consistory.” I left for that reason. But I didn’t ask my elders to go. That’s up to them. That’s all. I did not. 

(To be continued)