The first volume of The Triple Knowledge is on the way!

Enclosed in this issue is an order envelope for your convenience in taking advantage of the pre-publication reduced price. Here are the details. Each of the three volumes of this set will sell for $8.95 when published. When the set is complete, it will sell for $24.95 per set. But in this pre-publication sale you can purchase the entire 3-volume set for $22.50. This is a real bargain! The original 10-volume set, which we are now reprinting in 3 volumes, sold for $2.50 to $3.00 per volume. You can obtain the whole set for $22.50! This new edition will be entirely corrected, unabridged, and printed in a handier, more readable, high quality 3 volumes. And publication plans call for the whole set to be complete in one year.

There is only one hitch. To take advantage of this bargain, you must order and pay for the entire set before Thanksgiving Day. You can, of course, order just the one volume at the full price of $8.95, and then purchase the others as they are published.

What is the value of this set? It is not only a complete explanation of the Heidelberg Catechism, but it is a clear and simply written exposition of the whole of Reformed doctrine and of many passages of Scripture. When completed, this set will contain more than 2,100 pages of valuable instruction and reference material! What a treasure for yourselves, your families, your children. What a useful tool in studying for societies, in finding answers to questions, in preparing for catechism! 

True, many of our people purchased this work when it was first published. But many of the younger generation do not have it, and they could not get it because parts were out of print. Now this treasury of instruction is being made available again. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Yes, there is one more advantage in this pre-publication sale. This is an advantage for the RFPA Publication Committee. Our printing of these books is dependent upon our sale of books. Your purchase of this new volume, or, better yet, of the whole set in advance, will help to finance the printing of the next volumes. Help the good cause along