It was a good Sunday. All Sundays are good.

This particular Sunday was especially memorable. The children of the congregation had been asking their parents when this day would come. The adults anxiously awaited it too. The particular Sunday was July 5, 2015. It was the first worship service in Providence PRC’s own church building!

Earlier this spring, no one imagined that God’s plan would mean we would be worshiping in our own church building so soon. Ever since our organization in the summer of 2008, worship services were held in the music room of Heritage Christian School in Hudsonville, MI. In late 2010 we purchased ten acres of land, including a parsonage, south of Jenison, with the intent that one day we would build a church on this land. Preliminary church plans were even drawn up. And we were getting so close to our financial goal of building that very church drawn up on paper!

But then another church came up for sale. A church that would fit our needs as a congregation very well. A church only four miles down the road. A church so providentially placed in our path by the Lord that we were convinced we ought not let this opportunity pass us by. And as a few of our congregations already know, it is far less expensive purchasing an existing church than building one new.

Within the course of several weeks we submitted an offer for the church, had that offer accepted, and finally—after a few delays—closed on the property.

The church building now owned by Providence PRC was built in the early 1990s. It sits on approximately six acres of land. The sanctuary holds up to 250 people and has room for future expansion when needed. Many small classrooms are found within the church. A nice-sized kitchen adjoins the sanctuary, as does a nursery (with its own restroom). And because the former church had disbanded, we purchased the building with all its contents—chairs, tables, nursery toys, a fully-stocked kitchen, and even a riding lawn mower.

We are thankful that God has been faithful to us throughout the years. First, by giving us patience to wait upon Him and to trust that He would provide a place of worship in His own time. Second, by keeping us as a church. I mention that specifically, because the reason this building became available was due to the former church disbanding. As I understand it, the membership was declining and there were very few young families. This has become the sad state of many churches today. May God evermore bless our church, and churches, with families who love the truth and teach that truth to the children, that generations may arise who know the Lord, love the Lord, and gather together on the Sabbath to extol His name.

Over the past years Providence has been the recipient of so many acts of kindness—for which we are also thankful. For the generous financial support from other churches through collections and special disbursements. For the gracious use of Faith PRC’s facilities for many of our church activities. For the use of the music room at Heritage School for our worship services—a room which served us very well for many years. We are blessed to be part of a family of believers who care for each other and look after one another’s needs.

Come see our new church at 1569 44th Street SW, in Hudsonville! We invite you to an open house on Saturday, September 12, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Look over the building and grounds, and enjoy coffee and refreshments. And by all means, join us in worship the following evening, September 13, for our dedication service that will begin at 6 p.m.