Protestant Reformed Scholarship Fund

The Committee which is responsible for the administration of the Protestant Reformed Scholarship Fund is making plans for the fourth consecutive year to award scholarships to young people who have determined to enter the ministry of the Gospel or to study for the teaching profession. 

The Beacon Lights of March, 1960, featured an article by the editor-in-chief at that time, which was entitled “A Proposed Scholarship Program.” Since that time the Protestant Reformed Scholarship Fund, which is under the control of the Federation of Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies, has not only become a reality but also has come of age. In subsequent articles various writers have discussed the development of this most significant project. The origin and early history of this Federation function were stormy, but by God’s grace the project has stood. Scholarships have been awarded in less time than the estimated ten or fifteen years suggested in the article of our former editor-in-chief. Ten years have not yet elapsed since the time that this fund began to be collected. 

Students who are now seniors in high school and are on the “home stretch of this first leg of their secondary school training” were at the time of the inception of this idea students in the third or fourth grade of the elementary school. Now these students are eligible for a scholarship from the Protestant Reformed Scholarship Fund. Young people today owe a debt of gratitude to young people of a decade ago who by God’s grace were concerned that there be teachers in the schools and preachers in the churches. 

The Scholarship Fund Committee hereby wishes to remind all young people who are attending college or plan to attend a college that the Committee is anxious to have you apply for one of the scholarships that will be awarded this year. 

The Committee reminds you of the following simple rules: 

1. All applicants must be prospective ministers or teachers. 

2. All applications for the following school year must be submitted to the committee by May 1. 

3. Each applicant must fill out an application blank. . . 

4. Applicants shall be judged on the basis of sincerity, ability, and need. 

5. Applicants must be either a baptized or confessing member of a Protestant Reformed Church. 

6. Applicants shall promise in writing to repay in full should they refuse to teach or preach in our Protestant Reformed schools or churches. 

7. The scholarship shall be applicable to tuition only. 

College aspirants are urged to contact their society secretary, who will have the application blanks needed to apply for this fund. 

The prayer of the Committee is that God will continue to supply those who feel called to the ministry of the Gospel or to the teaching profession and that this Scholarship Fund may be a God-ordained means to that end. 

Agatha Lubbers