Proceedings of the International Conference of Reformed Churches, June 20-27, 2001, Philadelphia, U.S.A. Neerlandia, Alberta, Canada/Pella, Iowa, U.S.A.: Inheritance Publications, 2001. Pp. 287. $9.90 [US] (paper). [Reviewed by the editor.]

The International Conference of Reformed Churches (ICRC) is an ecumenical organization of more conservative Reformed and Presbyterian churches. The Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (liberated) and the Free Church of Scotland took the lead in forming the ICRC in the 1980s following their withdrawal from the Reformed Ecumenical Council over issues of theological liberalism. The ICRC meets every four years.

The purpose of the ICRC according to its constitution is the following:

1.to express and promote the unity of faith that the member churches have in Christ;

2.to encourage the fullest ecclesiastical fellowship among the member churches;

3.to encourage cooperation among the member churches in the fulfillment of the missionary and other mandates;

4.to study the common problems and issues that confront the member churches and to aim for recommendations with respect to these matters;

5.to present a Reformed testimony to the world.

Proceedings gives the decisions, reports, and speeches of the recent meeting of the ICRC, June, 2001, in Philadelphia, PA. The book also contains the constitution of the ICRC, as well as the names and corresponding addresses of the member churches.

The book contains the full texts of the speeches at the conference: “Principles of the Unity of the Church—A Reformed (Continental) Perspective”; “The Unity of the Church in the Westminster Tradition”; “Hermeneutics and the Bible”; “Work among the Jewish People: Historical Perspectives and the Contemporary Challenge”; “The Regulative Principle of Worship”; “The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Believer: Illustrated by the Spirit’s Office of Leading the Believer from Regeneration to Glorification.” Of special importance are the two papers on the unity of the church. Evidently, it is the practice of the ICRC that the speeches are followed by responses from designated theologians and by discussion. This procedure is beneficial. The responses, however, are not given, although the main points of discussion are noted.

This book enables the Reformed or Presbyterian church member to stay abreast of the discussions and actions of the soundest Reformed ecumenical organization in existence.

In the United States, the book can be ordered from Inheritance Publications, Box 366, Pella, Iowa 50219. Canadians can order from Inheritance Publications, Box 154, Neerlandia, Alberta T0G 1RO. Australians can order from Inheritance Publications, Box 1122, Kelmscott, W.A. 6111.

Similar books of the proceedings of the former three gatherings of the ICRC are available from the publisher.