I wanted to write briefly to support Prof. R. Dystra’s call for the PRCA to start prayerfully planning for the future deployment of her ministers. He is, of course, correct in saying that sending pairs of missionaries is biblical, that is clear from Paul’s work.

Something else exemplified by Paul and which he writes about in Romans 15:20 is his ambition to preach the gospel where Christ has not been named. As someone interested in world missions for many years, I can tell you such places still exist, but to target them will take a huge effort in preparatory planning. It seems to me that up to the present, PRCA mission endeavor has followed the “Macedonian call” pattern, in that where a group of Reformed people has sprung up and a need for a missionary/ pastor has been expressed, that is where they have been deployed.

However, in my reading about world mission matters, one overarching need is seen worldwide, and that is for well-trained pastor/missionaries who can teach the whole counsel of God. Reformed men, such as those we train in the PRCA Seminary are the ideal, and to my mind, the best men for this work in all the world. The principle of II Timothy 2:2, which I believe is enshrined publicly in a noticeboard and in the work of the seminary practically, must be multiplied worldwide. [The text is engraved in stone at the entrance to the Seminary—ed.] We hear mention of the need for a Far Eastern Protestant Reformed Seminary—yes, this is vital to oversee and put the finishing touches on, to prepare future ministers in Myanmar, the Philippines, India and elsewhere—Lord, make it happen! Lord, prepare the future professors (as well as those necessary for the PRCA Seminary in Grand Rapids!)

What we are talking about is formalizing what is already taking place on the field in the Philippines, Myanmar, and India, where theological input is being carefully and caringly taught to present and potential officebearers. Among these men there are those who will, Lord willing, receive a formal qualification, and then be passed to administer Word and sacraments by their local classis and synod.

Please professors, ministers of the PRCA, officebearers, and members—including those in the CERC and CPRCNI—pray toward, work toward, and bring into being a great last-days expansion of our mission work by these means. Unreached peoples exist; they can be targeted; they can be reached; they MUST be reached before the end comes!

Sincerely in Christ, Dr. Julian Kennedy,

Covenant Protestant Reformed Church, Northern Ireland