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“And the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred, and all their brethren were at their commandment.” I Chronicles 12:32

Although a wolf may be disguised to look like a sheep, his tracks will always betray him. True is this also for the beast discussed in a former article. And since that second beast (false prophet) “exerciseth all the power of the first beast (antichrist and the antichristian world-power)” and is commis­sioned to cause the inhabitants of the earth to worship the first beast (Rev. 13:12), it would appear that the second beast’s tracks will be most readily recognized and most easily followed. Furthermore, Revelation 13:14 informs us that the means the second beast uses to accomplish this is a message of deception.

For modern-day Israel to recognize the progression of this deceptive message of the second beast in the twenty-first century, it will be helpful first to examine a political movement whose purpose is the establish­ment of an antichristian world power. With that as the purpose in this article, we will in the future pursue the false prophets that promote the advancement of that antichristian kingdom.

Scripture makes clear in Revelation 17 that the king­dom of antichrist will culminate in a confederation of world-powers that serve under his authority. Throughout the twentieth century and now into the twenty-first century, Fabian Socialism has become an increasingly influential political philosophy that appears to be lead­ing the western powers more and more in that direc­tion.

A Very Brief History of the Fabian Society

Fabian Socialism is the child of the Fabian Society. In 1889 the Fabian Society published its first tract: “Why Are the Many Poor?” In it they expressed their commitment to fight for social justice and the improve­ment of human society. Their quest to accomplish these goals led the Fabian Society in 1900 to join the trade unions in Great Britain that founded the Labour Party. From these humble beginnings the Fabians be­came very influential in English politics.1

Their ideas, labeled Fabian Socialism, were a reaction to that which was being promoted by the communists, who preached revolution and anarchy to achieve their goal of state socialism. Instead, the Fabians favored a milder approach to achieving that goal. In fact, their name demonstrates this. They took the name Fabian from the battle tactics of the Roman General Fabius Cunctator. His battle strategy of avoiding direct confrontation with the forces of Hannibal and his war elephants gradually wore down Hannibal’s army and contributed to the Roman victory over Carthage. Instead of revolution, the Fabians favor a gradual ap­proach to bringing about their desired societal changes by means of a cadre of state-administered enlightened experts. Interestingly, they adopted the turtle as the symbol of their movement, to demonstrate the impor­tance of gradualism in the achievement of their goals. Needless to say, their patient strategy of advancing the cause of socialism by means of persuasion, education, and deception rather than violent class warfare has proven quite effective.2

The Fabian Window

A peak at the Fabian Window may be helpful in ex­posing the Fabian worldview for what it has been from its beginnings and continues to be to the present.

The stained-glass window was designed by George Bernard Shaw in 1910 as a commemoration of the Fabian Society. This, by the way, is the very same man who proclaimed:

Under socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discov­ered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well. 3

While there is some dispute concerning the interpre­tation of all the details of the window, the main mes­sage is clear. It depicts the earth on an anvil, with two leaders of the Fabian Society (most likely Sidney Webb and George Shaw) striking the earth with hammers to “REMOLD IT NEARER TO THE HEART’S DESIRE,” as the window’s caption proclaims. As an aside, it might be beneficial to read the full verse of the twelfth-century Islamic philosopher Omar Khayyam, from which the caption was taken:

Dearest love, couldst thou and I with fate conspire

To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,

Would we not shatter it to bits, and then

Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire!

The history of the Fabian Society leaves little doubt about their intent: in keeping with the message of the verse, they are not only interested in remolding the world, but also intend first to “shatter it to bits.”

Across the bottom of the window, the masses kneel in worship of a pile of books that promote the theories of socialism. The man to the left is very likely early Fabian enthusiast H. G. Wells fishing for those bottom-feeding suckers (useful idiots) that are worshiping the books. Most revealing of all, however, is the Fabian crest of a wolf in sheep’s clothing that appears between the men remolding the earth.4 This crest clearly expresses the deceptive intent of the movement as they proceed to advance their evil goals.

Promotion of the Fabian Cause

Early on, way back in 1921, a group of Fabians started the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain, with “global governance” as their goal. Further­more, with that as their continuing theme they helped afflict the world with the United Nations in 1945.

But that was then! What is now? Fabian Socialism is very much alive and well. This becomes clear when one considers recent revelations in connection with the Fabian Window. For whatever reason, or reasons, the window has had a history of disappearing and reap­pearing. Most recently, however, it has been purchased by the Webb Memorial Trust and is now on loan to the London School of Economics, where it is on display. In April of 2006 former British Prime Minister and Fabian Society member Tony Blair participated in its official unveiling. In his speech for that occasion Blair declared: “Despite all the very obvious differences in policy and attitude and positioning, a lot of values that the Fabians and George Bernard Shaw stood for would be very recognizable, at least I hope they would, in today’s Labour Party.”5

Those “values” of the Fabians are being promoted today by the likes of Mr. Blair. In fact, Mr. Blair is an excellent example of the Fabian socialist wolf in sheep’s clothing. A November 26, 2010 article in the Tele­graph (a London Newspaper) demonstrates this:

Mr. Blair, who converted to Roman Catholicism after he stepped down as Prime Minister in 2007, was to address the question, “Is religion a force for good or ill?” …[In an] interview with Toronto’s Globe and Mail newspaper, Mr. Blair said, “I think the place of faith in the era of globalization is the single biggest issue of the 21st century. In terms of how people live together, how we minimize the prospects of conflict and maximize the prospects of peace, the place of religion in our society is essential…. I think religion could be, in an era of globalization, a civilizing force.”6

Furthermore, Mr. Blair practices what he preaches! He’s a practicing Fabian Socialist who preaches the need for enlisting religion to advance the Fabian cause. A perusal of the “Tony Blair Faith Foundation” website makes that abundantly clear. The foundation’s purpose is to promote “respect and understanding about the world’s religions through education and multi-faith action. We show how faith can be a powerful force for good in the modern world.”7 Remember, this is the same Tony Blair who, with other world luminaries, is promoting “The Third Way” and “Agenda 21” in their attempt to blend capitalism, socialism, and commu­nism into a New World Order (see Standard Bearer, Volume 89, Number 6, page 141), which is after all the Fabian goal.

Yes indeed, there is a movement afoot to advance the cause of the antichristian world power of the first beast by means of the faith community. Is the second beast (false prophet) up to that task? The tracks will tell.



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