PRC Synod 1991

The annual synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches, although hosted by the Hope Church of Walker, Michigan, will meet in the church building of the Southwest PRC because of remodeling work being done on the Hope building. The pre-synodical worship service will be held on Monday, June 10, at 7:30 PM. Synod will convene on Tuesday morning, June 11, at 9:00 AM, the Lord willing.

One important aspect of the work of this synod will be the examination of seminary graduate Mitchell Dick.

The Theological School Committee (TSC) reports that the other three seminarians are expected to return in the fall for their second year. Two new students will enter seminary in the fall for a total of five. In addition, there is the likelihood that the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia will send two men for training in our theological school, subject to the approval of our synod.

The TSC is overturing synod to reconsider decisions of previous synods establishing a pre-seminary program in the seminary. The overture recommends that synod decide to discontinue teaching all pre-seminary courses in the seminary, with the exception of Greek grammar and reading and Dutch grammar and reading.

The TSC also proposes the expansion of the seminary building especially because of the needs of the library; and informs synod about the conference on Holy Scripture that the seminary will sponsor in October, 1991.

The Mission Committee reports on the work that has been done during the past year in Jamaica; in Venice, Florida; and in Northern Ireland. No one accepted any of the calls to these mission fields. The PRC are without a missionary at present.

The Foreign Mission Committee is asking the approval of synod on its decision to send a minister and an elder to Ghana, Africa before the end of 1991 in order to investigate the possibility of doing mission work there.

The Contact Committee (CC) reports on its activities the past year. Prof. R. Decker attended the meeting of the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council (NAPARC) in Atlanta, Georgia. Although Prof. Decker advises that the PRC continue to send observers to NAPARC, the CC makes no recommendation to synod. Rev. B. Woudenberg served the Burnie, Tasmania congregation from December, 1990 through April, 1991 on behalf of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia. Rev. R. Dykstra and Prof. H. Hanko visited and worked with the Evangelical Reformed Churches of Singapore (ERCS) for about six weeks. The CC proposes that synod approve calling “a senior pastor” to be loaned to the Singapore churches for a period of three years. The Singapore churches have requested this help from the PRC, especially in order to assist them with missions and with the establishment of a theological school. The CC is also recommending that synod approve immediate help for the ERCS by asking consistories to release their minister for work in Singapore for several months.

The synodical committee appointed in 1989 to study the overture of Southeast PRC, Grand Rapids, that the denominational structure of the PRC be reorganized into three classes (instead of the present two), recommends that synod reject the overture of Southeast.

Synod is again informed of the steady numerical growth of the Protestant Reformed denomination. The Lord added 52 families to the churches in the past year.

There is no matter of appeal on the agenda this year.

May the King of the church guide the synod by His Spirit for the good of the churches and for the advancement of the Reformed faith.