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When Thou Sittest in Thine House: Meditations on Home Life, by Abraham Kuyper. Wyoming, MI: Credo Books, 2004. Pp. x + 408. $39 paper). [Reviewed by editor].

What the Standard Bearer thinks of Abraham Kuyper’s When Thou Sittest in Thine House is plain from the fact that we are publishing most of it in installments.

The book is a compilation of a series of Kuyper’s meditations on the family and home life. Kuyper views the many aspects of family life in the light of Scripture and from the Reformed perspective. Because the work was originally Kuyper’s famed “meditations,” the chapters are brief, vivid, and clear.

One of Kuyper’s purposes with the book was that it be “suitable at the beginnings of new homes to be placed in the hands of those newly married” (p. vi).

The English translation of the book has long been out-of-print and hard to acquire. This facsimile edition of the English translation makes the book available once again. Since this publication is a limited edition, the price is steep.

The publisher, Credo Books, 1540 Pinnacle East SW, Wyoming, MI 49509, is Mr. Gary VanDer Schaaf.