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Unfolding Covenant History: From Samuel to Solomon (vol. 6), by David J. Engelsma. Reviewed by Rev. David Noorman.

Unfolding Covenant History: From Samuel to Solomon (vol. 6), by David J. Engelsma. Jenison, MI: Reformed Free Publishing Association, 2020. $28.95. 224 pages, hardcover. [Reviewed by Rev. David Noorman, pastor of Southwest Protestant Reformed Church in Wyoming, Michigan.] As any reader of the first five volumes of the Unfolding Covenant…

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At the editors’ request, Mr. Mike Langeland, mem­ber of our Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI, and fifth-generation funeral director, wrote a few thoughts to us for the readers of the Standard Bearer. From the brother’s note to us: “Families suffering from loss must walk through the journey of a death,…

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The Council of Nicea (AD 325): The Council’s other decisions

In the Nicene Creed (the first ecumenical creed), the Council of Nicea asserted that Christ was truly God, having a divine essence. The Council also made other noteworthy decisions, expressed in twenty canons.1 This article summarizes those other decisions. The Melitian clergy During the reign of Emperor Diocletian (284-305), Christians…

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Church profile—Trinity PRC

In the 1970s the city of Hudsonville, Michigan was experiencing a population growth that also was reflected in the Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church. Hudsonville PRC outgrew its little white building on the southeast corner of VanBuren and School Street, and decided to relocate to a brand new facility on a…

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Newsletter from Northern Ireland

February 20, 2020 Dear saints in the Protestant Reformed Churches, Due to the pressure of work—mostly good, benefi­cial, and rewarding work—it is now six months since my last letter. The bimonthly epistle is now biannual! Congregational news The new church season began in early September with ten catechumens, eight boys…

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Father, forgive them

Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. Luke 23:34a One of the outstanding features of Jesus’ ministry was His willing and wholehearted determination to do His Father’s will. Determined to do His Father’s will, Jesus “steadfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem” (Luke…

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