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The covenant and Dordt (10): Total depravity: Children incapable of fulfilling a condition

The Canons’ positive treatment of the Reformed doctrine of total depravity is straightforward and relatively brief. And yet, all nine articles of the Rejection of Errors condemn errors of the Remonstrants connected with total depravity. The reason for this is simple. The Canons set forth the Reformed truth over against…

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Born for our Salvation: The Nativity and Childhood of Jesus Christ, by Martyn McGeown. Reviewed by Rev. Stephan Regnerus.

Born for our Salvation: The Nativity and Childhood of Jesus Christ, Martyn McGeown, Reformed Free Publishing Association, 2019. 288 pages, hardcover, $26.95. [Reviewed by Stephan Regnerus, pastor of Lynden Protestant Reformed Church in Lynden, WA] Rev. McGeown’s latest book, Born for our Salvation: The Nativity and Childhood of Jesus Christ…

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Reformed versus Arminian missions (1): Different objects

There is much that separates the Reformed faith from Arminianism doctrinally. Those doctrinal differences are expressed in the Can­ons of Dordt, which set forth the Reformed truths of unconditional election, limited atonement, total depravity, irresistible grace, and preservation of the saints, and that over against the Arminian denial of these…

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John MacArthur’s non-endorsement of women “pastors”; World magazine’s science book of the year

John MacArthur’s non-endorsement of women “pastors” Paula White, a spiritual advisor for President Trump, has written a book titled Something Greater. Beth Moore is a popular Bible teacher in evangelical circles. John MacArthur was recently asked for his thoughts about these two women “pastors” and their work in light of…

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Report on Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC) in Singapore

The most significant event in the year 2019 for CERC in Singapore was certainly the acceptance of the call as the minister-on-loan (MOL) by Rev. Jonathan Mahtani on November 3, 2019. After many ‘unsuccessful’ MOL calls by the Grandville PRC (the calling church) in the past two years since Rev.…

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