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Into Africa…Again

In 2010, the Committee for Contact with other Churches (CC) sent Professors R. Dykstra and B. Gritters to visit Reformed believers in Namibia who requested a visit from the PRCA. The believers there were very displeased with their denomination— the Reformed Churches of South Africa—and hoped the Protestant Reformed Churches…

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Pray without Ceasing

“Pray without ceasing.” I Thessalonians 5:17 The difference between the words “continuous” and “continual” is important in understanding this brief text. To do something continually, is to start and stop on a regular basis. To do something continuously, however, is to start and never stop. The inspired command to the…

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Chapter Five: Premillennialism (10): Its Explanation of Revelation 20 Refuted

Previous article in this series: May 1, 2016, p. 352. Introduction The previous article in this series pointed out two errors of the premillennial understanding of Revelation which, although serious, are not the fundamental error of the explanation of Revelation 20 by that doctrine of the last things. One serious…

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What is the EU? A new word entered the English vocabulary recently—Brexit, which means the “British exit” from the European Union (EU). To understand the implications of this move, let me briefly provide an overly simplified history of the EU, as well as an outline of its political and economic…

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Revelation, Inspiration, and Infallibility (16): “What Saith the Scripture:” The Bible’s Authority

Previous article in this series: May 1, 2016, p. 349. Introduction The Bible is authoritative. The Bible is the authority over faith (what we believe) and over conduct (how we live). It is the authority for the individual believer, whether layperson or officebearer, whether professional or daylaborer, whether company executive,…

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1. Brief Highlights from the CRCNA’s 2016 Agenda for Synod. 2. Michigan Church Responds to the Bullying Tactics of a Homosexual Activist. 3. Sunday and Sports.

Brief Highlights from the CRCNA’s 2016 Agenda for Synod The Christian Reformed Church in America’s 669-page agenda has been posted on the Internet. Below are some of the interesting items on the 2016 Synod’s agenda. The Synod will receive recommendations from the Board of Trustees to adopt “Research Methodology Guidelines…

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