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Fellowship with God

The truth concerning man’s relation with God is one which deserves our attention and our understanding. Nothing can be more important than one’s standing before God. It is very literally a mat­ter of life and death. There is a relationship of fellowship between God and His people. That relationship has…

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Book Reviews

THE NEW CENTURY BIBLE COMMENTARY, I & II Thessalonians, by Howard Marshall; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1983; 340 pp., $6.95. (Paper) (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko) This new set of commentaries, edited by Ronald E. Clements (Old Testament) and Matthew Black (New Testament) has added this volume to its…

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All Around Us

The Reformation Reviewed There are ongoing discussions between Roman Catholics, Episcopalians, Greek Orthodox, and Lutherans. One gathers from reports that the men involved in discussions find fewer and fewer reasons for remaining separate. Recently, reports have appeared in newspapers and magazines describing basic accord between Lutheran and Roman Catholic theologians…

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A Pamphlet Concerning the Reformation of the Church

(In the preceding paragraph Kuyper has talked about reformation which comes about through a split between a local congregation and the church federation. In this paragraph he speaks of reformation by means of a split between the individual and his own congregation.)  58. Concerning Reformation By Means Of A Break…

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