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1. More Janus-Headed Theology. 2. The “eodem modo” Rejected in the Concludion of the Canons (2)

More Janus-Headed Theology In a recent issue of the Presbyterian Journal (May 12, 1982, pp. 9, 10) Donald A. Dunkerley presents some more Janus-headed theology, again classifying those who disagree with it as Hyper-Calvinists. This time he writes about the subject of the death of Christ in relation to the general offer…

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Book Reviews

THE REFORMERS AND THEIR STEPCHILDREN,by Leonard Verduin; Baker Book House, 1980; 292 pp., $7.95 (paper). (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko.)  I read this book by Verduin when it first came out about sixteen or seventeen years ago. But now that it has been republished, it has been sent to the Standard…

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All Around Us

The “Wiser” children of Men? I find letters to editors often interesting, sometimes provocative. On occasion I’ve quoted such letters. This time I quote an interesting letter from a secular magazine, Changing Times, June, 1981. I have no idea who the writer of the letter is. There is no indication of…

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Editor’s Notes

Seminary Convocation. September 2 marked the beginning of a new term for our Protestant Reformed Seminary. This year we have seven students in our seminary department and four in our pre-seminary department. A goodly and interested audience joined us at our Fall Convocation at Southeast Church on the evening of school…

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Who is Jesus?

The United Presbyterian Church faced, this past summer, a question concerning the deity of Jesus. One of their ministers refused to say that Christ is God. After heated debate, the UPCUSA adopted a resolution which seems to be very orthodox and Scriptural—but when some would insert important and clarifying words…

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