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OPC General Assembly  Through the summer months many church assemblies and church councils hold their meetings. In coming issues we expect to point out some of the decisions which were taken in these gatherings.  The Orthodox Presbyterian Church met in its forty-third General Assembly in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, beginning on…

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Acts of the Synod of Dordrecht

At first he sought to free himself from all suspicion of strange doctrine, to such a degree that he even defended the doctrine of the Reformed Churches concerning the satisfaction of Christ, concerning justifying faith, concerning justification through faith, concerning the perseverance of true believers, concerning the certainty of salvation,…

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“Hyper-Calvinism” and the Call of the Gospel (22)

The reality of the threat of hyper-Calvinism is also indicated by the Scriptures. Scripture warns that the gospel of grace has two outstanding enemies: the teaching that man saves himself by his own working or willing, and the teaching that salvation by grace alone implies carelessness of life or even…

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