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The Doctrine of Sin, The Second Period—250-730 A.D., The Pelagian Controversy, Semi-Pelagianism

In our preceding article we began calling attention to the doctrine of Semi-Pelagianism. How true it is that the union of the Pelagian and Augustinian elements never really satisfies either the one interest or the other! Compromises never satisfy. And, as we noted in our preceding article, the view known…

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Book Reviews

“A History of Preaching, Vol. 1 (From the Apostolic Fathers to the Great Reformers),” E.C. Dargan; Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Mich. 577 pages (paperback edition), $3.95.  This book dates from 1904 and comes from the pen the Professor of Homiletics at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  It is not an…

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Gradually a rather large number of interesting news items has accumulated on my desk. Each one individually calls for little comment, if any. They tend, generally, to show the direction of the church today in these evil times. We offer them here to our readers, Christian News has a rubric in…

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Kuitert Like Barth?

In connection with the current discussion about the views of Dr. Kuitert and other theologians in the Netherlands, now and then someone will talk about the influence of contemporary German theology and theologians upon these theologians of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands. This is, of course, a legitimate aspect…

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Editor’s Notes

 The reader will notice that some of our regular departments are missing from time to time. This is intentional. We are trying to furnish a greater variety of material by two means: occasionally including special features, and introducing some new departments. This also gives the various department editors a “breather”…

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