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SLAVERY, SEGREGATION AND Scripture, by James Oliver Buswell, III; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company; 1964; 101 pp.; $2.50.  This book is an examination of the Scriptural, cultural, and sociological arguments that have been adduced over the years in support of slavery and segregation. Examining these arguments from the viewpoint of…

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“Truly catholic, truly reformed, truly ecumenical” For those who have read concerning developments in the church-world of our day, the letters COCU have been observed with ever increasing frequency. The letters indicate the “Consultation on Church Union.” Just recently we have read of its fifth meeting held at Dallas, Texas.…

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Editor’s Notes New Place for Announcements:  Hereafter, all announcements, obituaries, anniversary notices, etc., will be found on the next to the last page of each issue, and not scattered throughout the magazine. The only exception to this will be an occasional announcement immediately below the masthead on the inside front…

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