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1. Hosea. 2. Hebreeen (The Epistle to the Hebrews). 3. I and II Timothy, Titus, Philemon. 4. Heden Zoo Gij Zijne Stem Hoort (Today, if you will hear His voice).

HOSEA (in “Commentaar op het Oude Testament”) by Dr. C. van Gelderen and Dr. W.H. Gispen. Published by J.H. Kok, N.V. Kampen, the Netherlands. Price f. 16.90. In a preface to this commentary we are informed that its original and chief author is Dr. van Gelderen, but that he could…

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Our readers are, no doubt, interested to know what is happening in our churches in connection with the split which is now an accomplished fact. And since neither Concordia or what calls itself the Reformed Guardian can be trusted to inform them of the truth of even the bare facts,…

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Part 3, Of Thankfulness, Lord’s Day 38, Chapter 2: The Historic Phases of the Weekly Sabbath

The question must now be asked and answered: why do the Christians in the new dispensation cele­brate the first day, rather than the last day of the week? In order to answer this (question, we must call attention to the different phases of the weekly sab­bath in the history of…

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Part 3, Of Thankfulness, Lord’s Day 38, Chapter 3: The Observance of the First Day. Lord’s Day 39, Chapter 1: The Question of Authority

Chapter 3: The Observance of the First Day From the preceding it will be evident that it is im­portant properly to observe the weekly sabbath, and that the desecration of that sabbath day is a sad sign of spiritual deterioration. First of all, it will be plain that they who…

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It will be plain to everyone that at all understands the truth that the difference between us and those that left the fellowship of the Protestant Reformed Chur­ches at bottom concerns the truth of election and re­probation. It is the age old question whether grace is always particular and for…

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