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1. Lange’s Commentary on the Holy Scriptures (Kings, Esther, Psalms). 2. Expository thoughts on the Gospels.

LANGE’S COMMENTARY ON THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, Kings-Esther, two volumes. Published by Zondervan Pub­lishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich. Price per volume $3.95. Dr. Bahr of Carlsruhe, who prepared the commentary on Kings, substituted the title’s Heilsgeschich–liche and Ethische Grundgedanken for the usual heading of the second part of the exposition in…

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Part Two—Of Man’s Redemption, Lord’s Day 30, Chapter 3: Confession and Walk

In the eighty-second question the Heidelberger asks: “Are they also to be admitted to this supper, who, by confession and life, declare themselves unbe­lieving and ungodly?” This question is quite distinct from the preceding one. There the question was: “For whom is the Lord’s supper instituted?” And the implication of…

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Part Two—Of Man’s Redemption, Lord’s Day 31, The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven (1)

Q. 83. What are the keys of the kingdom of heaven? A. The preaching of the holy gospel, and Christian discipline, or excommunication out of the Christian church; by these two, the kingdom of heaven is opened to believers, and shut against unbelievers. Q. 84. How is the kingdom of…

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Part 2—Of Man’s Redemption, Lord’s Day 31, Chapter 2: The Promise of the Gospel (cont.), Chapter 3: The Preaching of the Promise

Chapter 2: The Promise of the Gospel (cont.) From all the above, that is, both from Scripture and the Confessions, it must be very evident what is the contents of the promise of God. In one word it is, according to Scripture, Christ and all His riches of salvation and…

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