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Common Grace

In a previous connection it was stated, as you may recall, that the subject of “common grace” was also among those which was being discussed in the Netherlands before the war and concerning which there was difference of opinion. In 1942 the Synod of Sneek-Utrecht, also made certain dogmatic expressions…

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Part Two, Of Man’s Redemption, Lord’s Day 27, Chapter 2: Different Views of the Covenant (continued)

The Dutch theologian, Petrus van Mastricht, defines the covenant as: “An agreement between God and His people, in which God promises salvation and all the benefits implied therein, and demands obedience to His glory, and the Church on her part promises obedience to God and demands the reward of the…

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Doings In Doon

During the past eight months we, in the congregation of Doon, have been through the Lord’s dispensation without a pastor. On Sunday, February 6, the Reverend John Blankespoor preached his farewell to the congregation. This was followed on the evening of February 10 by a congregational farewell to Reverend and…

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