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In the recent article of Rev. L. Vermeer entitled “News from our Western Churches,” in the paragraph inquiring “as to the welfare of our church in Sioux Center” (cf. Standard Bearer of Sept. 1), there are statements that are apt to leave unfavorable impressions of my pastorate in Sioux Center.…

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In the September issue of De Heraut, H. V., writing on “Hot Ambt Aller Geloovigen” uses a figure which only too conspicuously describes the Church-life in many of our churches today. H. V. is agitating against the corrupt conception many people entertain in respect to the Church and its function…

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Sovereign Election

Scripture is most outspoken respecting the matter of election and reprobation. This, no one acquainted with the contents of Holy Writ will deny, ever has denied. Whereas it is freely admitted that Scripture in unmistakable speech teaches a divine election and reprobation, the issue is not: Does Holy Writ teach…

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