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Paedobaptism Demands Parental Instruction and Ecclesiastical Keys

Rev. VanOverloop is pastor of Georgetown Protestant Reformed Church in Bauer, Michigan. Children and young people must expect it. Parents and consistories must insist on it. Instruction and discipline by parents and by the church must follow the administration of the sacrament of baptism to the infant children of professing…

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The Reformed Family: Continuing in Learning (for children and young people)

Mrs. Lubbers is a wife and mother in the Protestant Reformed Church of South Holland, Illinois. “But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned….” II Timothy 3:14 Paul is writing to Timothy. Preachers are admonishing parishioners. Parents are talking to their children. Pupils are being encouraged by teachers.…

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A Defense of the Gospel of Grace Against ECT (4)

ECT unites evangelical Protestants and Roman Catholics in the fellowship and work of Jesus Christ. Such union must have a basis. The basis proposed by ECT is the oneness of evangelicals and Roman Catholics in the Christian faith, including the fundamental truth of justification. Therein lies ECT’s fatal compromise of…

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