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Financial Report of the RFPA

Balance on hand Sept. 1, 1961—$2,965.81 Receipts Subscriptions—$3,448.44 Membership—$130.00 Gifts—$2.939.91 Advertisements—$193.00 Bound Volumes—$272.65 —$6,984.00 Total—$9,949.81 Disbursements Wobbema Printing—$7,600.63 Miscellaneous—$85.00 G.R. Office Supply (10,000 envelopes)—$85.00 Holland Bookbinding—$205.65 James Dykstra (gift)—$300.00 —$8,323.01 Balance on hand Sept. 10, 1962—$1,626.80 Gifts Hudsonville—$640.00 First—$740.76 Creston—$46.03 Hope—$116.62 Southeast—$94.22 Southwest—$141.11 Holland—$56.30 Grand Haven—$11.15 Doon—$84.32 Hull—$97.15 South Holland—$197.15…

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