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Off To School

The Wrong Way. As these words are written, the short but pleasant summer season has again come to an end, and schooldays are with us once again. Throughout the country the schools have opened their doors to receive the nation’s children. Our own covenant children, too, have returned to their…

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The Man of God

This particular rubric under the general heading: “In His Fear,” deals primarily with the education and training of the seed of the covenant. In Reformed circles, we often emphasize that the training of the covenant seed is the primary task of the Christian Home, the Christian School, and the Christian…

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The Church must indoctrinate her covenant seed, ‘the man of God’. And to indoctrinate her means ‘to instruct in doctrine’. The Standard Dictionary gives the following description or definition of the word ‘doctrine’. “Doctrine, that which is taught or set forth for acceptance or belief; that which is held to…

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