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Jesus Redeems

Radio Address of Oct, 18, 1942, over W.L.A.V. (Grand Rapids, Michigan) Jesus saves! This brief statement, which one may read now-a-days on billboards and fences, on church buildings and automobiles, is true in all its implications, much more so than those who are responsible for its public display are willing…

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Common Grace (10)

A rather striking illustration is used by Van Til to clarify his application of the “As If” theory. He criticizes Dr. Kuyper’s conception of “territories” (terreinen-leer), according to which the latter assigns to believers and unbelievers a certain common ground of living and cooperation. He, Van Til, does not agree…

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A Hymn and a Latch

Recently The Banner editorially put up a defense of the Reformed truth that salvation is by grace only, over against what the editor evidently considers manifestations of Arminian tendencies in the Christian Reformed Churches. The first editorial on this question was written in connection with and as a criticism of…

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