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Banner Ethics

The Banner, official organ of the Christian Reformed Churches, published in its editorial columns the following paragraph:   “Third, we feel that the unbrotherly propaganda which the so-called missionary of the Protestant Reformed Church is making especially in some of our Western churches must cease before there can be any…

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The C. L. A. and Strikes

In its “Testimony” with regard to membership of worldly unions the Consistory of the First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids also inserted the following paragraph: “In view of the present industrial conditions, the gigantic corporations and mass production, the Consistory recognizes the fact that the individual laborer can hardly…

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The covenant and Dordt (10): Total depravity: Children incapable of fulfilling a condition

The Canons’ positive treatment of the Reformed doctrine of total depravity is straightforward and relatively brief. And yet, all nine articles of the Rejection of Errors condemn errors of the Remonstrants connected with total depravity. The reason for this is simple. The Canons set forth the Reformed truth over against…

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