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At their annual meeting this past July, the staff of the Standard Bearer—writers and managing editor—planned volume 76. Volume 76 begins with this issue—October 1, 1999.

Changes from the past year include the following. Rev. James Laning will co-edit “Taking Heed to the Doctrine” with Rev. Steven Key and Rev. Charles Terpstra. Rev. Laning will also write a new rubric, “All Thy Works shall Praise Thee.” These articles will show how creation reflects spiritual realities. Connie Meyer will cooperate with Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma and MaryBeth Lubbers in writing “When Thou Sittest in Thine House”—the rubric on the Reformed family. Rev. Barrett Gritters will replace Prof. Robert Decker in the rubric “Ministering to the Saints.” The other writer for this rubric is Rev. Douglas Kuiper. The two home missionaries of the Protestant Reformed Churches, Rev. Jai Mahtani and Rev. Thomas Miersma, and the foreign missionary, Rev. Richard Moore, will join Rev. Jason Kortering in writing the missions column, “Go Ye into All the World.” A new rubric, directed especially to young people, will be the responsibility of Rev. Mitchell Dick. Replacing Rev. Dick in exposition of Scripture for use particularly by our Bible study societies is Rev. Martin VanderWal.

The other rubrics and writers remain the same.

Welcome to the new men and woman! And thanks to those who continue writing!

There will also be guest articles, contributions, letters, and book reviews.

The staff reappointed the editor, managing editor, and general adjunct. Since Prof. Decker resigned from the staff, he was replaced as staff secretary by Prof. Russell Dykstra. We express our appreciation to Prof. Decker for his significant contribution to the magazine by writing and in other ways over many years.

It is our intention to remember the 75th anniversary of the PRC in various ways, in addition to running the announcements of the celebration next June that have already been appearing.

This issue of the SB marks the 75th anniversary of the magazine. This accounts for our cover—an exact copy of the original cover of October, 1924. The editorial in this, the 75th anniversary issue, reflects on the occasion. Seventy-five years of continuous publication of a Reformed periodical is noteworthy.

The next issue of this magazine will be our annual Reformation issue. The subject will be the Reformation and the doctrine of the last things (eschatology).

God be praised for the witness to the Reformed faith in the SB these many years!

May He be pleased to privilege us to continue to give this glorious witness to His truth in the coming year!

I remind us all, readers as well as writers, of the purpose of the SB as laid down in the constitution of its publisher, the Reformed Free Publishing Association: “1. To witness to the truth contained in the Word of God and expressed in the Three Forms of Unity. 2. To reveal false and deceptive views repugnant thereto.” In the constitution of the editorial staff of the SB this purpose is stated this way: “the maintenance, development, and promulgation of our distinctively Protestant Reformed principles.”