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When one looks forward in eager anticipation to an event he is gratified when that event meets his anticipation. Thus it was with the convention. Last year, being on the committee, I was not able to attend any of the meetings and so, this year I was anxious to see the “other side” of the convention. And the “other side” fulfilled all my expectations.

We arrived Friday morning just in time for the sight-seeing tour, and as we drove up I noticed a small group of young people. I was disappointed. I thought, “Is this all the young people there are?” But when we gathered in church for devotionals the group had grown, and continued to grow until we had to be crowded into three busses.

In Fuller Ave. we have a large number of young people, but I thought in Oak Lawn they certainly won’t have a very large crowd. But the young people came even from Iowa and Montana. During the Friday meetings there were a considerable number of young people present and the number was greatly augmented at the banquet.

One thing which impressed me very strongly was the spirit at the convention. We were but a small group, even in comparison with the F.R.Y.M.S., but we were all knit into a common love for the cause. We could meet one another and talk to one another know­ing that we all stood together on the same basis. We were meeting, as one of the speakers brought out, as representatives of the Protestant Reformed Church of tomorrow and I think we could feel it.

The banquet speaker described the times in which we live and mentioned the trend away from the Church. But glancing around at the interested young people warmed one’s very soul. We were still interested! May God grant us grace to be faithful to the calling wherewith he has called us as Protestant Reformed Young People.