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In the last Concordia, the Rev. De Jong promises to give us an explanation of the matter concerning the letter Prof. Holwerda wrote to the immigrants in Canada.

Of this I am glad.

For I like to have full confidence in the brethren, and this is simply a spiritual impossibility as long as the statements which Holwerda alleges that the brethren De Jong and Kok have made are not contra­dicted.

In his introductory article the Rev. De Jong ex­presses the fear that his explanation may evoke more controversy.

I do not see why it should.

The matter, it seems to me, is very simple.

It simply concerns the question whether or not they made the statements which Holwerda reports them to have made.

Or: what did they say?

Brethren, give Holwerda the lie. That is what I sincerely hope the Rev. De Jong will do.

If not, inform us, at least, what you said.

Then we will have no controversy.

Otherwise, we surely must have.