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We are expecting! 

The “we” in this case is the Society for Protestant Reformed Secondary Education.

And the state of expectancy is indicated by a paragraph in a recent issue of the “Protestant Reformed High School Bulletin.” It reads as follows:

Although the Board intends to retain the legal name, “Society for Protestant Reformed Secondary Education,” we think another, shorter name would be more practical and convenient for everyday usage. Under consideration are regional names such as Riverbend, Walker, or West Kent Chr. Egh. Names with scriptural origins are also possibilities. In this group we have Ebenezer, Eleazer and Elhanan Chr. High. We should also consider the attributive names. Concordia, Faith, Grace, and Covenant Chr. High are among these. The Board invites your comments and suggestions as to a name for our school.

This is a significant paragraph. 

For it means not only that we are expecting, but also that the date of birth of the expected infant is not far off, the Lord willing. The infant, of course, is our own high school in the Grand Rapids area. And the fact that the expectant parents are pondering the important question of a name is a clear indication that the date of birth cannot be far off. And thus it is, indeed: our high school is scheduled to become a reality in time for the fall term of 1968! 

This is reason for rejoicing. We look forward to the birth of this infant with joyful expectancy. And we invite all our Protestant Reformed membership to share with us in our joy. 

At the same time, this indication of the approaching birth of our infant high school is reason for renewed and intensified efforts toward preparation for the blessed event. Renewed dedication to the ideal of distinctively Reformed, covenantal education is necessary. Moreover, this renewed dedication must be manifested in hearty and generous support of this cause. Those who would share in the joy of this infant must also be prepared to share in the responsibilities of preparing for and caring for the newborn child. The privilege is ours! 

I am interested at this time, however, particularly in the baby’s name, and I wish to accept the Board’s invitation of comments and suggestions. 

My comments are as follows: 

1) The criterion for the choice of a name should not only be practicalness and convenience. In fact, this is not the first consideration. While it may be granted that a name should not be impractical and inconvenient for everyday usage, it seems to me that a more important consideration is that the name of our Protestant Reformed high school should be expressive, accurately expressive. 

2) Among all the classes of names and examples of names mentioned by the Board, the name “Covenant” appeals to me as the name most expressive of the distinctive, Reformed character of the high school we hope to have. In that high school covenant parents intend to furnish covenantal instruction and training to covenant youth. 

3) It seems to me, however, that the name “Covenant Christian” would be redundant. The idea of “Christian” is already included in the name “Covenant.” It would be sufficient simply to call the school “Covenant High School.” There is a difficulty here, however, due to the fact that by the name “Christian” we also mean to express that our schools are neither public, nor parochial, nor mere private schools, but parental schools. I would suggest that this is an inaccurate use of the name “Christian” school, in spite of the fact that this connotation has somehow become attached to the name. If we mean to say that our schools are parental schools, let us say that. In that case, I would make the name “Covenant Parental High School.” 

But whatever the name, let us hope and pray and do all in our power so that the soon-to-be-born infant may be healthy and strong, a school which truly measures up to the ideal of Reformed, covenantal education. 

And this, by the way, should not only be the aim and striving with respect to our proposed high school in this area. It should be the aim among all our people, wherever the Lord makes it possible for us to have schools of our own.