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The new—71st—volume of the Standard Bearerbegins with this issue. There will be a few changes in the content. A wider selection of active and retired ministers will write the meditations. We will occasionally republish meditations from old volumes of the SB.

Rev. Carl Haak will write the expositions of Scripture in the rubric, “Search the Scriptures.” These outlines are intended, among other purposes, to help the Bible study groups. Rev. Haak’s guides to the gospel of John have already begun to appear.

We have emphasized and expanded the column on missions by asking Rev. Russ Dykstra, Rev. Jay Kortering, and Rev. Jaikishin Mahtani to cooperate with Rev. Ron VanOverloop in producing 12 articles for “Go Ye into All the World.”

“When Thou Sittest in Thine House,” our rubric for Reformed family life, will be shared by Mrs. MaryBeth Lubbers and Rev. Ron VanOverloop.

The staff approved a new rubric that will treat the offices in the church. An elder and a deacon in the Protestant Reformed Churches have agreed to open up this subject.

The other rubrics and writers will remain the same as last year.

We intend to produce two or three special issues featuring particular aspects of the Reformed faith and life. The October 15, Reformation Day issue will be devoted to the topic, “The Reformation and Worship.” We solicit the suggestions of our readers as to worthwhile themes of future special issues.

The staff reappointed the editor, staff secretary, general adjunct, managing editor, and special issues committee.

Noticeably missing from the annual staff meeting was Rev. George C. Lubbers. His name is also missing from the list of regular writers on the masthead. The years (85) and ill health have compelled him to resign from the staff. On behalf of generations of readers, including the present generation, the staff of the SBhas expressed deep appreciation to Rev. Lubbers for the writing he has done over the past 60 years. His first article appeared in the SB in 1933 when he was still a seminarian, and he has written faithfully ever since. The area of his main labor in writing, and a special gift, has been exposition of the Scriptures. The fruits of his exegetical work in the SB and in a long preaching ministry are the three books that he wrote after his emeritation in 1978. Two are commentaries,Freeborn Sons of Sarah: An Exposition of Galatians (1983) and The Glory of the True Tabernacle: Jubilee Exposition of Hebrews(1984). The other is an exegetical- critical examination of millennialism in both its postmillennial and its premillennial forms, The Bible Versus Millennial Teachings: An Exegetical Critique (1989). All three books are still in print.

To Rev. Lubbers, our heartfelt, public thanks.

To all the present writers, our thanks as well, and the fervent plea that you meet the deadlines.

May God bless our planning and working, so that theSB serves the Word of God in the coming year.