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Thankful for the Psalter

I write in response to Rev. Daniel Kleyn’s article on “Congregational Singing,” as it appeared in the November 1, 2006 issue of the SB. I would like to say that I am so thankful that our PR churches are psalm-singing churches. I am thankful, first, because our Psalter is based on the God-inspired psalms, which makes the songs God-glorifying and God-praising. Second, I am thankful that we have a psalm-based Psalter so that we as adults and children may sing and memorize these psalms, which are the most important songs in our spiritual lives. What a blessing to hear our children sing these psalms and also to hear our parents and other aged saints singing these same psalms at home and in the nursing homes.

Let us never lose our love of God-inspired psalms, for we know what can happen from one generation to the next. It’s happening in the churches around us, where solos, choirs, and hymns have become part of the worship service. The whole congregation must sing, as we will sing in heaven one day.

Let’s be worthy of the name Christian by singing psalms to our Savior, especially on the Lord’s day.

Ed Reitsma

Grand Rapids, Michigan