Exact phrase, enclose in quotes:
“keyword phrase here”
Multiple words, separate with commas:
keyword, keyword

What Is it? 

Very simply put, the “TEN” refers to ten issues of the Standard Bearer; and the “TWO” refers to $2.00, the special, introductory, trial-subscription price for TEN issues, or, roughly a half year’s subscription. 

This introductory offer is available to anyone who is not now a subscriber to our magazine. 

To make it easy to take advantage of this special offer, we have enclosed a postage free business reply envelope. All you need do is to fill in your name and address, add a $2.00 check or money order, and drop it in the mail box; you will receive the next TEN issues of our magazine. 

[A special note to our foreign readers: You will not find a postage free reply envelope enclosed, since this is not practical in our overseas mailings. You will, however, find an envelope to which you should add air-mail postage. And our trial offer is open to readers in foreign countries on the same basis: TEN issues for TWO dollars. We would especially like to encourage overseas subscriptions. You will find that our Standard Bearer has material of interest to people of God all over the world.] 

Why Is It? 

Obviously, the purpose of this trial-subscription campaign is to gain new subscribers. Our immediate purpose is to gain trial subscribers. And our ultimate goal is, of course, to gain newpermanent subscribers; in other words, we hope that once a person tries the Standard Bearer for ten issues, he will want to have the Standard Bearervisit his address regularly

But why, you ask, do you want to get new subscribers? 

The answer is: we are interested in growth. Our readership has been growing steadily; but we would like it to grow more rapidly. 

But why? 

Although it is true that as our readership grows, our cost per subscriber decreases, this is. not our chief reason. Besides, we would have to triple our present readership in order to make the Standard Bearer self-sustaining. And while this would be wonderful, we are too realistic even to hope for this kind of result from this, campaign. Besides that, our financial interest is strictly secondary. 

Our chief reason is that it has always been the purpose of the Standard Bearer and its parent organization, the RFPA, to send forth a Reformed witness. And we are convinced that the contents of our magazine constitute such a Reformed witness—clear, distinctive, consistent, dependable, forthright, Scriptural, confessional, and with a widely varied scope, with a broad appeal to Reformed people the world over, and pertinent with respect to the crucial issues of the day. In other words, we are convinced that we have something good and worthwhile to say to God’s people. 

But if a magazine is to be at all an effective witness, it must have readers; it must reach people. It must reach as many people as possible. And this is the purpose of this campaign. We want to reach more people, also and especially people outside our Protestant Reformed circles. And we want to induce them to become regular readers of our magazine. For this purpose we are offering our magazine at a greatly reduced rate, in the hope that new readers will evaluate the Standard Bearer and its clear Reformed witness in these ten trial issues favorably and will then become regular subscribers. For this reason we want new readers to have the opportunity to judge and evaluate the Standard Bearer not on the recommendation of someone else, but on its own merits, We feel that many who become acquainted will like it so well that they will not want to miss it. 

Ten for Two—Who Can Help? And How? 

But why, you ask, do you enclose these reply envelopes with the copies to all regular subscribers? 

Well, this is exactly where you get a part in the campaign! 

Yes, the Board of the RFPA is also advertising this trial offer through other channels. 

But it was felt that if we could enlist the help of all our subscribers and get, let us say, one thousand salesmen, this would be the most effective method. 

No, I should not use the word “salesmen.” 

The word should be “witnesses.” For this is a very real opportunity for each one of you to witness and to help in extending the Reformed witness of our magazine. 

What can you do? 

In the first place, you can take this issue of theStandard Bearer and the enclosed envelope—after you have read it, but don’t wait too long—and offer it to a friend or neighbor whom you think should be a reader. Urge him to read this issue. Call his attention to the trial subscription offer. Urge him to make the test! 

In the second place—and this is the easiest method—you yourself can send in one or more trial subscriptions for some other person(s). All you need to do is to enclose payment and enclose the names and addresses of those to whom you want us to send trial subscriptions. This will be a gift subscription on your part. But it will certainly serve the purpose of this campaign. 

In the third place, this is a golden opportunity for consistories and church extension committees. Send in a list of fifty names and addresses of those whom you want to reach with our Reformed witness, and send a check for $100. Our Business Manager will take care of the rest.