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Rev. Langerak is pastor or Southeast Protestant Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A Star shall come. Not from Hollywood or Wall St., Harvard or Princeton, the NBA or NFL, Republicans or Democrats, not the USA. A Star shall come out of Jacob (Num. 24:17). He does not come to boost ratings with song and dance routines, to sell tickets with RBIs or dunks, to create fortunes, lower taxes, bring social justice, institute affordable health care, or even put a chicken in every pot. He comes to save—from sin. He comes to save the world. Jesus is that bright and morning Star (Rev. 22:16). He has come, and as wise men from afar, we must worship (Matt. 2:2).

When we lift our eyes to observe the stars, God intends we worship. Not the stars themselves— always a temptation for fallen mankind (Deut. 4:19)—but, humbled by their beauty, majesty, and multitude, to worship the Creator. The appropriate response is not, “All Hail, Great Bang, Hubble, or Hawking,” but, “What is man that thou art mindful of him?” (Ps. 8:3). God made the stars. Not simply massive spheres of fiery plasma, they are His creatures. Their home is the heavens (Gen. 1:16). He formed them, the sun to rule the day and stars like those of Pleiades and Orion for night; He set the sun in its course and gave ordinances for the stars (Amos 5:8Jer. 31:35). They are divine artistry—with the fingers used to measure His canvas, He paints with glorious light (Ps. 8:4Is. 40:12). How appropriate to remember our Creator in youth, while the stars be not darkened (Eccl. 12:2). God who dwells above the stars, before whom the stars are not pure, who even seals and makes them dark—this God we must worship (Job. 25:5, 9:7, 22:12).

The stars are among the Lord’s hosts, which He directs to serve His purpose with man. He ordained that they divide day from night, and be for seasons (Gen. 1:14). They mark the onset of evening, remind us day will dawn, and are beacons for travelers (Neh. 4:21Job 3:9Acts 27:20). He even enlists them at times to destroy the enemy (Judges 5:20). They remind us of His mercy (Ps. 136:9). They praise their Maker too (Ps. 148:3). Fitting, then, that stars are also signs representing other of the Lord’s hosts, the rational-moral ministers that do His good pleasure (Ps. 103:21). They represent angels, that excel in strength, hearken unto His Word, and from their heavenly home sing together and shout for joy (Ps. 103:21Job 38:7). They represent ministers who preach the glorious gospel in Jesus’ church (Rev. 1:20). They represent the elect, who, believing on Jesus, radiate His perfection, obey Him, and in the resurrection will differ from one another in glory like stars (I Cor. 15:41). They are the innumerable host that sprang from Abraham, and him as good as dead (Heb. 11:12). Yet our Lord calls each by name and counts these stars above (Ps. 147:4).

The wicked stargaze (Is. 47:13). Rejecting the Creator, they scour the galaxies for the origin of the universe. Superstitious, they use the course of the stars to chart their fortunes. Ignorant of the Lord of glory, they scan TV, stage, university, and arenas for stars radiating the lust of flesh and pride of life— and worship (Amos 5:26). They are children of their father, Lucifer, who would be like God and exalt his throne above the stars (Is. 14:13). He is fallen, cast into the earth, and taking a third part of the stars with him. Black holes they are, who now toil to pull the world with them into the black abyss of darkness forever (Rev. 12:4Jude 1:13).

How appropriate that the Lord of glory will punish this evil using of His obedient stars (Is. 13:10-11)! Even as the stars announced His birth, signs among the stars will mark His return (Matt. 2:2Luke 21:25). One shall poison the waters; others shall not give their light (Rev. 8:10Joel 2:10). And in that notable day, when these signs are no longer needed because the reality—the Angel, Minister, and Elect of God—has come, the Lord shall shake the powers of heaven so the stars fall, and then roll up His canvas as a scroll (Acts 2:20Rev. 6:12-14Matt. 24:29). But the church shall not fall. When the new day dawns and that Daystar arise in our hearts, they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the stars forever (II Pet. 1:19Dan. 12:3). Glorious in the image of God through Jesus Christ, she is clothed with the sun, has the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars (Rev. 12:1). And she worships—that bright and morning Star (Rev. 22:16). Behold the Star out of Jacob! Though the world be troubled, rejoice with exceeding great joy.