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Some of the proceedings of our annual staff meeting are of interest to our readers, and I shall briefly report them here. 

This year’s staff meeting was conspicuous by the absence of our beloved editor-in-chief. Yes, the inevitable change has officially come. We have all seen it coming for some time, and dreaded it. And I dare say that because of the intimacies of working with and assisting my father, I have more clearly seen this day coming, and dreaded it more. I am saddened by it, and from that point of view take up my labors as editor-in-chief with a very heavy heart: I would far rather that it were not necessary. But such is not the will of God; and. His will is good. I publicly hereby thank the Staff for their expression of confidence, and, under God’s blessing, humbly pledge my best efforts. I am cheered by the prospect of the cooperation of a staff of capable and faithful co-editors. An addition to our Standard Bearer to which we may look forward when the new volume begins next October, D.V., will be a series of articles on contemporary theology by the Rev. David Engelsma. For the rest, the present rubrics will be continued, and all the present contributing editors have been reappointed. 

Here are a few more notes: 

1. Beginning with the October 1 issue all regular copy must be in the hands of the editor one month in advance. Thus, for example, copy for October 1 must be in by September 1, etc. This is advance notice to all contributing editors, who now have the summer months to get ahead. The only exceptions to this will be “Church News” and “All Around Us,” which we like to keep as current as possible. 

2. Special contributions (limited to 300 words and matters of general interest) are always welcomed by the Standard Bearer, must be sent to the editor-in-chief, and must be in one-half month before date of placement. Thus, contributions for October 1 must be in by September 15. 

In this connection, the Staff also decided that reports of league meetings should hereafter be sent in the form of brief news items to the News Editor, Mr. J.M. Faber. The general interest of our readers with respect to such meetings lies chiefly in the speech or lecture delivered; and if such a speech is of general interest and significance, this interest can be met by a complete transcript of such a speech, furnished by the speaker concerned. As a general policy, the Standard Bearer welcomes material of this nature, but reserves the right of decision as to placement, of course. 

3. We hope to publish a larger number of book reviews than in the recent past, written not only by the editor-in-chief but also by various contributing editors. 

Finally, the Staff also decided to give special coverage to our Seminary graduation in this issue. For this reason some of the regular rubrics and the regular editorial material do not appear in this number. 

We solicit the prayers of our many loyal readers and supporters, as well as all efforts to improve and enlarge the outreach of our magazine.