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Ten full-time seminarians are studying for the ministry at the Protestant Reformed Seminary this school year. For the Protestant Reformed Seminary, this is a large enrollment.

A picture of the four faculty members and ten seminarians (courtesy of Don Doezema) is published on the opposite page.

As rector, Prof. D. Engelsma addressed the faculty and student body at the opening-day assembly for worship and registration. The text of his speech, “The Work of the Ministry of the Word,” appears elsewhere in this issue of theStandard Bearer.

Of the ten seminarians, seven seek ordination in the Protestant Reformed Churches as pastors or missionaries. They are senior (fourth-year) seminarian Heath Bleyenberg; third-year students Nathan Dykstra and Cory Griess; second-year student Daniel Holstege; and first-year students Nathan Decker, Brian Huizinga, and Jonathan Mahtani.

The other three are preparing for the ministry in other churches. Second-year seminarian Martyn McGeown intends to return to the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church of Northern Ireland, sisterchurch of the Protestant Reformed Churches, whence he came. Second- year seminarian Dr. David Torlach will become a minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia. Vernon Ibe is being trained for the ministry in the Berean Protestant Reformed Church in the Philippines.

It is a particular joy of the Theological School Committee and of the faculty that we can instruct men of several nations and races for the gospel-ministry in various parts of the world.

In addition to the regular seminary curriculum, Prof. Gritters is teaching a pre-seminary Greek course to a pre-seminary student and to one of the seminary students.

Senior seminarian Heath Bleyenberg is doing his internship in the Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church under the supervision of the Hudsonville Council and Rev. G. Eriks. The internship runs from July 1 to December 31, 2007. Heath will then return to seminary for his last semester of instruction. The faculty expresses its gratitude to Hudsonville, and particularly to its pastor, for their willingness to help with the training of this man for the ministry.

Recently, the faculty licensed third-year seminarian Cory Griess to speak a word of edification in the churches. Cory spent much of the summer on the mission-field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, helping, and learning from, missionary W. Bruinsma.

Prof. R. Cammenga will teach the interim course in January 2008, the Lord willing. His subject will be, “Contemporary Roman Catholic Theology.” This class will be open to visitors.

Indeed, several of the courses being taught this year are attended by a goodly number of visitors, both ministers and lay-persons, from within the Protestant Reformed Churches and outside.

Convocation exercises marking the opening of the new school year were held on September 5 at the Grandville Protestant Reformed Church. Prof. Cammenga spoke on “The Minister as Man of God.”

We ask for the prayers and other support of the churches (as well as of all those who love the gospel of salvation by sovereign, particular grace), that the seminary may stand fast in faith of the confessions, as God has given to the Protestant Reformed Churches to know and love it, on the basis of inspired Scripture, and, thus, teach men to be sound, able, and diligent ministers of the word and sacraments in the churches and on the mission fields.

For the faculty,

Prof. David J. Engelsma