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The spring meeting of our Eastern Ladies’ League was held the evening of March 38, 1963, at First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, We began with singing Psalter No. 374 and Dutch Psalm 42, verse 1. Our president, Mrs. J. Kuiper, read Etc. 11 and led us in prayer.

A quartet from our Hudsonville Ladies’ Society sang Psalter No. 47, which was very appropriate for the Lenten season.

Mrs. Kuiper then introduced the speaker for the evening, Mr. David Engelsma. His topic was “Tb What Extent Should Parents Try to Induce Their Children to go into the Ministry?”

He began by saying that the office of the Ministry was ordained by Jesus Christ for service to God and to the people of God. He emphasized the crucial need in our churches at the present time. Vacancies are abnormal. Yet one-third of our churches do not have their own minister. Also we do not have enough ministers to send to mission fields when the people ask that one come over to help them. The question may be raised, “Doesn’t God call ministers?” They are called by God, but we do not sit idly by. Faith is busy using every means and talent to be instruments in God’s hands to gather His Church. God lays it upon the heart of a man to preach, but He uses parents to teach the child and nourish love for the truth. If we ask why God does not give us more ministers, we must first examine ourselves. Are we what we should be and doing what we should do?

Parents must be motivated by good reasons and goals. The reason is that through the ministry God preserves and gathers His Church. The goal is that the children preach the Word of God, the power of God unto salvation. The fruits are eternal.

The most effective and basic form of inducement is a family life where the Kingdom of Heaven is sought first. If the child sees that money and pleasure take the precedence, earthly mindedness instead of zeal for God’s house, he will not enter the seminary through our influence. We cannot profess to love God when love for our churches is absent. Pray together with your children. Instruct them in the necessity and beauty of the office. Gradually the child becomes aware of the churches and learns to love them, and then he can be talked with about going into the ministry.

Not all our sons have an inclination to study and read, which is necessary to be a minister. When all our energy has been expended we do not know whether it will prosper, but we leave it to God.

A few questions were brought up by the ladies arid answered by the speaker.

We all joined in singing “Christ Arose” and Psalter No. 64 while a collection was taken for Hope and Adams Street Protestant Reformed Schools. We enjoyed the reading by Mrs. C. Westra of a poem entitled “Because.”

The minutes of our previous league meeting were read and Roll Call taken, and the treasurer’s report was given.

The quartet favored us with another song, “‘Ride On, Ride On, In Majesty.”

Our president thanked the host society and all who had a part in the program.

The meeting was closed with singing Psalter No. 19: and prayer by Mrs. Dewey Engelsma.

Refreshments were served and a social hour was enjoyed by all of us.