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November 9, 1995

in Edgerton, Minnesota

On November 9, Classis West met in Edger-ton, Minnesota for the purpose of examining Candidate Allen Brummel, who had received and accepted the call to serve as pastor of the Protestant Reformed Church in Edgerton. A special worship service was called by Edgerton’s consistory for the evening of November 8, at which time Pastor- elect Brummel expounded Scripture from Genesis 17:7. In attendance were not only the members of the congregation, but the 28 delegates of Classis West, as well as three ministers from Classis East who were in attendance as synodical deputies. The following day was spent in examining Pastor-elect Brummel in the several areas of doctrinal studies, as well as his knowledge of Scripture and the Confessions.

Classis West, with the synodical deputies expressing hearty agreement, voted unanimously to approve Pastor-elect Brummel’s examination, and advised the Edgerton PRC to proceed with his ordination. The Protestant Reformed Churches have much reason for thankfulness to God in His continued provision of men to labor as Ministers of the Word and sacraments. Additional thanksgiving is God’s due for the unanimity in biblical truth that is seen in the churches and among the ministers.

Classis West also extended farewell to Pastor Russ Dykstra, who leaves to take up new labors in Hope Protestant Reformed Church of Walker, Michigan. Classis appointed Rev. Richard Moore (Hull, Iowa) as moderator for Doon PRC during their vacancy, and also granted classical appointments to Doon.

Respectfully submitted,

Rev. Steven Key, Stated Clerk