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Classis West met in regular session on Wednesday, March 2 in Bethel Protestant Reformed Church, Roselle, IL. An office-bearers’ conference was held the day prior to Classis on the subject, “Reformed Evangelism.” The meeting of Classis was chaired by Rev. A. Brummel. Most of the work of Classis was routine.

The main item of business was Rev. W. Bekkering’s request for emeritation. Classis approved this request and forwarded it to the Emeritus Committee. Classis also expressed its appreciation to Rev. Bekkering for his 33 years of faithful labors in our churches.

The church visitors reported on their work. With thanks to God, they informed Classis that their visits revealed there is unity, peace, and love within the congregations of Classis West.

Subsidy requests were approved for three churches, and these will be forwarded to synod.

Pulpit supply was arranged for three vacant churches for the next six months. First (Edmon—ton) received supply for an average of three Sundays a month, which includes supply by Rev. M. DeVries from Classis East for two Sundays. Bethel received supply for two Sundays a month. And Doon received supply only until April 3, since Rev. David Overway, who has accepted the call to Doon, is expected to move there soon.

The following were elected as delegates and alternates to Synod 2005. Minister delegates: Rev. A. Brummel, Rev. G. Eriks, Rev. S. Houck, Rev. S. Key, Rev. M. VanderWal. Minister alternates: Rev. D. Kleyn, Rev. D. Kuiper, Rev. R. Smit. Elder delegates: Gary Eriks (Peace), Henry Ferguson (Edmonton), Egbert Gritters (Hull), Alan Meurer (Bethel), David Poortinga (Loveland). Elder alternates: Allen Brummel (Edgerton), Gysbert VanBaren (South Holland), Henry VanderMeulen (Lynden), Robert Vermeer (Peace), Edwin Westra (Hull).

In other elections, Rev. D. Kleyn was reappointed to a three-year term as stated clerk, and Rev. D. Kuiper to a three-year term as assistant stated clerk. Rev. David Overway was appointed to a three-year term on the Classical Committee, to begin after he has been installed in Doon. Elected as church visitors were Rev. A. Brummel, Rev. S. Houck, Rev. S. Key, and Rev. D. Kleyn, with Rev. R. Hanko and Rev. R. Smit as alternates. The following are the synodical deputies of Classis West: Rev. A. Brummel, Rev. D. Kuiper, and Rev. S. Houck, with the alternates being Rev. D. Kleyn, Rev. R. Smit, and Rev. G. Eriks.

The expenses of Classis totaled $5,483.70.

Classis decided to hold its September 2005 meeting in South Holland, IL, and its March 2006 meeting in Loveland, CO.

Rev. Daniel Kleyn

Stated Clerk of Classis West