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Report of Classis West, September 25-26, 1963 at South Holland, Illinois 

The Rev. J. Kortering, chairman of the last meeting of Classis, led in opening devotions. The Rev. G. Van Baren then took his turn as chairman of this classical meeting. Rev. J. Kortering transcribed the minutes and Rev. G. Vanden Berg was vice-chairman. 

All the churches of Classis West were represented at the meeting, although three of them by only one delegate (Forbes, Redlands, and Lynden). The chairman greets the delegates and reads the agendum. 

Because of the funeral service for Mrs. H. Hoeksema scheduled for this same Wednesday afternoon, the delegates ad examina from Classis East had requested that the examination of Candidate D; Engelsma be postponed till Thursday morning. Classis decided to do so Classis approved the proposed examination schedule presented by the Classical Committee. 

The reading-sermon committee (Edgerton consistory) reports that most of the ministers had submitted the two sermons requested. Classis decided once again to request each of the ministers of Classis West to prepare two more reading sermons during the next six months. For the past several years the ministers of Classis West have written a minimum of four reading sermons each year for use in the vacant churches in Classis West (and in the East in several instances). 

The church visitors report that because of conflict in classical appointment schedules, vacation plans, etc., they were unable to complete their work. Classis granted them the right to finish the visitations during the next six months. 

The Classical Committee of Classis West reported that Rev. H. Hanko had been appointed moderator of Redlands, Rev. B. Woudenberg for Lynden, and that as soon as Candidate Engelsma is ordained and installed in Loveland, he would replace Rev. H. Hanko as moderator for Redlands. They asked approval of the changing of the date of this Classis so that it would meet one week later than usual. Classis approved their actions. 

The classical appointment committee presents a schedule for appointments for the ministers of Classis West and suggests that Classis West request Classis East to help us if possible according to the recommendations of the committee. The following schedule was adopted (the appointments of the ministers of Classis East are subject, of course, to the approval and/or revisions. of Classis East): 

Redlands: Oct. 13, 20, 27—J. Kortering; Nov. 10, 17—C. Hanko; Dec. 1, 8, 15—D. Engelsma; Jan. 5, 12, 19—B. Woudenberg; Feb. 2, 9, 16—G. VanBaren; March 1, 8, 15—J. A. Heys. 

Lynden: Oct. 20, 27, Nov. 3—H. Hanko; Nov. 24, Dec. 1—C. Hanko; Dec. 22, 29—Student R. Decker; Jan. 12, 19, 26—H. Veldman; Feb. 9, 16, 23—D. Engelsma; March 8, 15, 22—R.C. Harbach. 


Oct. 20, 27, Nov. 3—B. Woudenberg; Nov. 17, 24—G. VanBaren; Dec. 8, 15—G. Vanden Berg; Jan. 5, 12, 19—J. Kortering; Feb. 9, 16, 23—H. Hanko; March 8, 15, 22—M. Schipper. 

Pella: (one Sunday in each of the. following months): Oct.—G. Vanden Berg; Nov., Dec., Jan.—J.A. Heys; Feb., March—G. Vanden Berg. 

Southwest Church of Grand Rapids sends a request to Classis West asking permission to place ministers of the West on trio though they have been called less than one year before. The motion made to grant their request is ruled out-of order on the ground that the church order only requires approval of the local classis for such a request (Church Order, Art. 6, note 2). Southwest Church was requested to see to it that the Stated Clerk officially inform Classis West of the action taken by Classis East on their request so that all of the consistories of Classis West might be aware of the decision. 

A letter was read from Rev. H. Veldman who bid Classis West a fond farewell. He left the Classis after residing under its jurisdiction for almost ten years. The fact that the church on earth remains imperfect became evident again when Classis approved the requests of two consistories: one to erase two baptized members, another to increase to the second step of censure. Classis also dealt with a protest concerning the last item. Classis decided that the chairman of Classis express to Rev. H. Hoeksema, who planned to be present during the examination of the Candidate, our sympathy in the passing of his wife. This was done on Thursday morning.

On Thursday morning the delegates ad examina of Classis East were present (Revs. H. Hoeksema, G. Lanting, and C. Hanko). The examination of the Candidate began when he preached part of a sermon on Col. 3:1-3. After this sermon was approved by the sermon critics of Classis West as well as by the delegates ad examina of Classis East, the Classis proceeded with the rest of the examination. For one hour he was examined in dogmatics, 15 minutes in the knowledge of the confessions, 15 minutes in the knowledge of Scripture, 15 minutes in controversy, and 15 minutes in practica. With the concurring advice of the delegates of Classis East, the Classis voted unanimously by ballot to approve of the examination and to instruct Loveland to proceed with installation and ordination. After the Candidate returned, the chairman informed him of the decision of Classis, and wished him the richest blessings of God in his future ministry. After Classis sang the doxology, Prof. H.C. Hoeksema led in a prayer of thanksgiving to God. The delegates of Classis and the visitors were very much impressed by the examination of the candidate. Our prayer could only be that our gracious God would send and call many more such men to our seminary, and the Lord willing, into the ministry within our churches. 

Rev. G. VanBaren is elected as stated cleric of Classis West to fill the unexpired term of Rev. H. Veldman. Rev. H. Hanko is elected as assistant stated clerk in the place of Rev. G. VanBaren. 

Classis decides to hold Classis decides to hold the March meeting of Classis at Edgerton, Minn. After the questions of Article 41 are asked and satisfactorily answered, the chairman speaks a few concluding words, and Rev. C. Hanko closes our sessions after Classis decided to adjourn. 

—Rev. G. VanBaren, Stated Clerk