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Classis West met in regular session on Wednesday, September 7, in the Protestant Reformed Church of South Holland, IL. An officebearers conference was held the day prior to Classis on the subject, “Our Denominational Seminary.” The conference introduced the Seminary to our western officebearers and highlighted the officebearers’ duty to impress upon able men, young and older, to consider preparing for and laboring in the office of the ministry of the Word.

The meeting of Classis was chaired by the Rev. Ronald Hanko. Classis completed its work by noon on Wednesday.

Pulpit supply was arranged for three vacant churches in Classis West for the next six months. First-Edgerton, First-Edmonton, and Loveland were given pulpit supply appointments for an average of three Sundays per month. Classis sent a request to Classis East for assistance in supplying First- Edmonton’s pulpit in February 2006. If all of the pulpit supply assignments are fulfilled as scheduled, then all of our ministers in Classis West will be absent from their home pulpits for four Sundays in the next six months.

Rev. Daniel Kleyn tendered his resignation as stated clerk of Classis West due to his acceptance of the call to First PRC of Holland. We thank Rev. Kleyn for his able service to Classis West for the past five years. In his place, Classis appointed Rev. Richard Smit to serve as stated clerk. Classis appointed Rev. Douglas Kuiper to complete the term of Rev. Kleyn on the Classical Committee.

The expenses of Classis totaled $8,372.32.

Classis plans to meet next in Loveland, CO, on March 1, 2006, the Lord willing.

Rev. Richard J. Smit,

Stated Clerk of Classis West