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held Sept. 4, 1968, in Edgerton, Minn

The twelve churches of Classis West were represented by twenty delegates. In attendance also were three Synodical delegates from Classis East, because of the examination at this meeting of Classis West of minister elect Mr. R. Moore. Rev. D. Engelsma presided at this meeting; Rev. R. Decker served as secretary. 

In response to the request of the consistory of the Hope Church of Isabel, South Dakota, whose call Mr. Moore accepted, Classis examined the now Rev. R. Moore in the subjects required by the decisions appended to Article 4 of the Church Order. A new feature of this examination was that Mr. Moore preached the required sermon (on Ephesians 2:8) the evening before Classis in a special worship service of the Edgerton congregation, which service the delegates to Classis attended in a body. Classis approved Mr. Moore’s examination and, with the concurrence of the Synodical delegates, advised Isabel to proceed with his ordination. The joy of the occasion was increased by the fact that the way was now open for our Isabel congregation to receive their first minister since they were organized as a Protestant Reformed congregation in 1960. 

Forbes, Hull, Pella and South Holland asked for classical appointments. Classis decided to request the assistance of Classis East, which assistance would consist of supplying South Holland entirely and of taking two, two-week appointments to Hull. The schedule adopted by Classis is as follows. Forbes: Oct 20 & 27—G. Lanting; Nov 17 & 24—R. Moore; Dec 1 & 8—D. Kuiper; Jan 19 & 26—R. Decker; Feb 9 & 16—R. Moore; March 2 & 9—D. Engelsma. Hull: Sept 22 & 29—G. Vanden Berg; Oct 6—R. Decker; Oct 13—G. Lanting; Oct 27 & Nov 3—Classis East; Nov 17 & 24—D. Engelsma; Dee 8—G. Lanting; Dee 29—G. Lanting; Jan 5 & 12—R. Moore; Jan 26 & Feb 2—Classis East; Feb 16 & 23—D. Kuiper; March 2 & 9—C. Hanko. Pella: Nov 17 & 24—G. Vanden Berg; Dee 1 & 8—R. Decker; Jan 12 & 19—D. Kuiper; Feb 9 & 16—G. Vanden Berg; March 2 & 9—B. Woudenberg. 

In addition to the appointments, the ministers of the West are to write a reading sermon for use especially by the vacant churches. 

South Holland overtured Classis to increase the amount in which elder delegates to Classis may be reimbursed for lost wages from $10 to $20 per day. Classis adopted the overture. 

Classis granted Isabel’s request that it be permitted to ask for collections in the churches of the West. The collections are intended to help Isabel purchase a home for their minister and his family. Classis also passed the request on to Classis East for their approval of Isabel’s doing the same in the churches of the East. 

The next meeting of Classis West will be held, the Lord willing, in South Holland on the first Wednesday of March, 1969. 

—Rev. David Engelsma, Stated Clerk