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Report of Classis West 

Classis West convened on Wednesday, Sept. 15, 1965, at South Holland, Illinois. All the churches were represented, with two churches represented by only one delegate. 

Rev. C. Hanko capably served as chairman and Rev. D. Engelsma recorded the minutes. The delegates ad-examina of Classis East, Revs. G. Lubbers, M. Schipper, and H. Veldman, were present for the classical examination of Candidate Robert Decker who had accepted the call to our Doon, Iowa church. Candidate Decker preached a sermon from Eph. 2:10and successfully answered the many and varied questions on the designated subjects. On the basis of this examination, with the concurrence of thedelegates ad-examina, Classis unanimously approved the motion to advise Doon to proceed with the ordination of Decker. So, by the grace of God, another man has been added to the ministry in our churches. 

Five churches (Lynden, Pella, Isabel, Forbes, Randolph) requested classical appointments. This was granted in part by Classis West, and a request was sent to Classis East to assist in supplying these churches. 

A large number of protests, involving two of the churches and their school organizations, was placed in the hands of a committee to report at a special session of Classis which will meet January 12 at South Holland. 

Our Forbes, North Dakota church requested collections in the churches to assist in paying for the parsonage and church they recently acquired. Classis granted the request. 

One consistory requested approval for the second step of censure, which was also granted. 

The next session (the regular March meeting) will be held in Edgerton, Minnesota. To replace Rev. G. VanBaren as stated clerk, Classis elected Rev. D. Engelsma. In the future, all classical materials must be sent to his address: 750 Jefferson, Loveland, Colorado. 

Classis adjourned at 9 P.M., and Rev. J.A. Heys closed with prayer. 

—G. VanBaren, stated clerk.