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March 11, 1968 Loveland, Colorado 

Report of the meeting of Classis West held in South Holland, Illinois on March 6, 1968 

Classis West met in South Holland, Illinois on March 6 for one day. All of the twelve churches in Classis West were represented; a total of twenty one delegates attended the meeting. Rev. R. Decker presided over this Classis.

Classis dealt with the problem of the vacancies in the West. It heard reports from two committees which are to distribute reading and taped sermons as the need for them arises. Both committees have a supply of sermons on hand. The Taped Sermon Committee is the consistory of the South Holland Church; the secretary of the Reading Sermon Committee is Mr. G. Broekhouse, Box 393, 341 Maple St. W., Edgerton, Minn. 56128. Classis assigned the ministers in the West the task of writing more sermons for reading. South Holland, Hull, Pella, Isabel and Forbes requested classical appointments. The latter four churches asked for an increase in appointments. Classis granted these requests, which means that the appointments of the ministers in the West are increased and that Classis East is asked to give substantial assistance to the West. 

On the Agenda were a protest and two overtures. Classis decided not to sustain the protest of a brother against a previous decision of Classis. It did adopt an overture that the sermon preached by a candidate in the classical exam be a full sermon, and that the candidate preach this sermon in a special worship service of the church that hosts the Classis. When such an occasion arises, the special worship service is to be held the evening before Classis is scheduled to convene. The other overture requests Synod to express definitely the mandate of the Liturgy Committee of Synod. Classis decided to send this overture to Synod with its approval. 

A consistory asked and received Classis’ advice to proceed with the discipline of an impenitent member. 

Classis heard the annual report of the Church Visitors, Rev. C. Hanko and Rev. G. Lanting. It considered subsidy requests. And it did the necessary voting. Results of the voting were as follows: 

1) Classical Committee—Rev. R. Decker for a three year term and Elder H. Huisken for a one year term. 

2) Delegates ad examina—Rev. G. Vanden Berg as a primus delegate for a three year term and Rev. B. Woudenberg as a secundus delegate for a three year term. 

3) Church Visitors—Rev. C. Hanko and Rev. G. Vanden Berg for a one year term. 

4) Delegates to Synod—Ministers: D. Engelsma, C. Hanko, G. Lanting and G. Vanden Berg. Elders: G. Broekhouse, E. Gritters, H. Huisken and P.A. Poortenga. Alternates—Ministers: R. Decker, D. Kuiper and B. Woudenberg. Elders: R. Bruinsma, F. Schwarz, Andrew Vanden Top and C.C. Van Soelen.

The next meeting of Classis West will be held in Edgerton, Minnesota on September 4, 1968, Lord willing. 

David Engelsma, Stated Clerk 

Classis West